Finding Your Dominant Clair Trait

Finding Your Dominant Clair Trait

Did you know that your intuition has a dominant sense? Most don’t. Everyone gets that feeling in their gut sometimes when they are in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable. They may have an impulse to call someone or do something that is not part of their routine.

These intuitive sensations are good because they often lead you away from danger or into an opportunity. However, everyone has a particular way of sensing things they may not be aware of and have never explored. These clairs are how you connect with the spirit and get your intuitive feelings.

The Six Clairs

Just like you have six senses, including your psychic sense, you have six clairs that line up with those. These are ways you get your visions, dreams, or intuitions.


This means to see clearly. People who have visions or dreams have clairvoyance. Sometimes, the vision or dream doesn’t make complete sense until later when more information comes forward.


This is when people hear things in our minds. This is when our inner voice tells us things or gives us instructions.


This relates to feelings and refers to people who can sense someone else’s emotion or physical pain. This is one of those gifts that people sometimes have without being aware of it. This is the “gut feeling” or when we get “chills” for no apparent reason. It typically means we are tuned into spiritual energy or the emotions of someone either near us or someone we’re emotionally connected to.


This means clear smelling and typically refers to people who can smell odors without any physical source. A typical example is someone who can smell the perfume or cigar of a deceased loved one. These smells bring us back to memories.


This is the sense of all-knowing. Some people have what seems to be supernatural knowledge of other people and events without any explanation of how they know. This would include a premonition or someone able to confirm things in your life when they know nothing about you.

This gift requires a lot of faith because there are no explanations. When someone tries to explain this kind of gift, it can be hard for them because it can be so hard to explain how these supernatural things work.

Do You Know Your Gift?

Have you figured out your dominant sense yet? If not, there is a way to find out.  Sit in a chair in a quiet room for a few minutes with no distractions. Take in the room. Notice all the details and be aware of your feelings in the room.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. What is your first impression? Was it something you saw, something you hear, something you smell or taste, a feeling you are having, or a thought that comes from out of the blue. Whatever it is, that is your dominant trait.

Knowing and understanding your dominant trait will help you explore your intuitive skills. Be aware, you may have more than one trait although there is one that is more prevalent than the others. Understanding yourself and your various traits will help you throughout your life.