Using Grounding for Protection

Earth Grounding

Everyone needs some kind of protection. Protection can come from trauma, grief, negativity, and other things that manifest in your body or your soul. When your emotions and your mind are not balanced and grounded, you will feel that you are weak, and you aren’t able to do the things that you can do.

People that are psychics, energy readers and empathize often have pain when they deal with the emotions of other people. Opening and grounding yourself can help you to stay in control of what you are doing and feeling.

Set The Mood

Make sure that when you talk to a psychic that you set your mood. The best way to do this is to make sure that you meditate and that you are ready to figure out your life. If you want to reach your spiritual guides, you need to set an intention on this.

You can light candles, put crystals in your area and make sure that your energy level is high and that you are ready for your reading.

After Getting a Reading

After you get a reading, you need to make sure that your energies are still strong. A reading can bring up things that might be hard for you to accept and the energies of this can still be manifesting around you.

How to Ground Yourself

There are different things that you can do to ground yourself. You can use your own intuition to help ground yourself and to help you to cleanse yourself before you even go to a reading.

Earth Grounding

Earth grounding means that you go outside in nature. If it is cold outside and you can’t do that, stay inside, and meditate. When the weather allows you to think, go outside and sit in the grass, go barefoot in the sand, or sit by a tree.

Pay attention to things around you. Do you hear birds or see flowers? Smell the flowers. Look at how this makes you feel. Do you feel more energetic when you are outside? Go out in the garden. The color green works to help with healing and nature is part of the universe.

Let the energy that you have around you fill you. Let your foot go by the tree and let the energy of the tree go into you. The earth is full of things that can bring healing to you. Meditate while you imagine what is going on in the world around you and feel love.

Air Grounding

Air grounding is when you deep breathe, and you let the air fill your lungs. Let the fresh air give you peace and hope and bring mental healing to your body.

Water Grounding

Water grounding is a way to make you healthy inside and out. You can go out in the rain and let the rain hit you in the face and all over your body. Stay outside as long as you can in the rain.

If it isn’t raining, you can take a shower and it will work the same. Let the negative energy wash away as the rain or the shower water hits you. Imagine that the color of your aura is coming out of the shower and is washing over you.

Drinking water is another way to have water grounding. You can drink water and imagine the negativity washing out of your body.

Fire Grounding

Light a candle or sit by a fire. This will get rid of bad feelings such as depression or sadness. Even the sun can do fire grounding. Go out and sit in the sun and let it shine down on you. Do this as you feel your body getting strong.

Tarot Cards

You can cleanse your tarot cards with these same things. Let the cards sit in the window in the sun and let the cards get strong.

Why is Grounding Hard?

Grounding isn’t hard but remembering to ground yourself after reading is something that people often forget. You need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Ground yourself from people that are around you that might be negative.

If you are a psychic, you need to make sure that you are doing the best that you can to be grounded and to be clear of negativity.

Stay Strong

It is important that you are strong and healthy. When you are on a spiritual journey, you need to make sure that you are living your best life and that you are doing whatever you can to stay healthy.