Are You Clairsentient? Find Out Now!

Are You Clairsentient

Do you easily pick up the emotions of those around you or do you enter a room and you know what energies were there? Or are you someone that is able to sense when a spirit is around you?

If you have any of these things, then chances are you are a clairsentient. This is one of the clair gifts and it is one that allows you to feel things more clearly than others. One of the main parts of this gift is that you are able to read and sense energies that are both from people and spirits.

If you have felt these things going on around you, then you have likely learned to walk through your life understanding what was happening to you but maybe not quiet understanding the gift that you have.

Clairsentient means clear feeling, and this is when you can read emotions, behavior, body language and other things. The cues that you have are cues that come into your energy field, and you are able to understand them and communicate with them. There are some people that are natural at feeling things, and this means that they might be an empath.

When you move into the spiritual realms, you might have sensations like tingling in your body and this is energy that comes to you. This can give you thoughts and images that you are able to see beyond the feelings. People that are clairsentient are often empaths and they are able to feel things throughout their body and in their chakras.

As a clairsentient, you can sense things in the physical and the spiritual world. This is when your social interactions might change because you see things differently. Those that have this gift make great counselors, teachers, mentors, and other helpers.

If you are curious if you are clairsentient or not, here are some signs that you might be!

Signs of Being Clairsentient

  • You feel the energies in a room when you walk in, and it is different than how you felt before you came in.
  • You get tingling or goosebumps when you are around certain people or see certain images.
  • The temperature of the room changes, and you notice it.
  • You know when people are fighting.
  • You get unexplained energies.
  • You feel a lot of pressure at the top of your head.
  • You have changes in your mood and feelings out of nowhere.
  • You feel presences around you even when you’re all alone.
  • You are sensitive and highly emotional.
  • You get overwhelmed in busy rooms sometimes.
  • You feel that you are being touched or you feel something brushing by you.
  • You know when someone is sick before they tell you.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone that has experienced five or more of these signs, then chances are that you are someone with the gift of clairsentience. This means that you have clear feeling. This is one of the clair gifts that are given to you by the universe.

Are you someone that can sense what someone is feeling, or do you feel that you know when spirits are around you? If so, you probably are a clairsentient. This has come to people naturally and most of the time those that practice listening to their intuition will be able to grow this gift and to pick up more energies around them.

When you feel clairsentient feelings coming to you, this is a gift from the universe, and you need to make sure that you connect with the divine and embrace these feelings. Intuitive abilities are good for you, and they are there to help make the world a better place.