Learning About Claircognizance


Are you someone that seems to just know things? Are you someone that drives around and picks up information in your surroundings without anyone telling you anything? Do you ever know who is calling before you even see the call?

All of these instances happen because you are probably claircognizant. This is a gift that means clear knowing. This means that you can know something without anyone telling you. Claircognizance is hard to discern sometimes but those that have experienced have strong intuition.

When you are a psychic and you are doing readings as a claircognizant, you will be able to know the answers to the problems that they are having. You will also be able to help people that know you and this can be super powerful for everyone around you.

Claircognizant might not seem like a fun gift because you can’t hear into the spiritual world or see visions, but the truth is, it allows you to use your five senses and to learn to trust your intuition.

Knowing You Are Claircognizant:

Here are some ways that you can know that you are claircognizant:

  • Strong Thinker

You are probably someone that thinks about things a lot. You will just get information in your mind, and it might even surprise you. These are flashes of information that others would be surprised about but you are so used to them that you aren’t ever surprised.

  • Interrupting People

Maybe you are someone that interrupts people fast. This happens because you already know what they are thinking and what they are going to say. You might even be someone that finishes other people’s sentences.

  • Strong Gut Feelings

You seem to be able to know things and this is because you listen to your intuition. You will know if someone is doing something that they shouldn’t be doing if they are lying to you or if they are fake. Even when other people are fooled by them, you aren’t.

  • Love to Learn

You love to learn and read things. Reading and learning might be one of your favorite hobbies.

  • Solving Problems

Another thing that you are probably able to do is to solve problems easily. Even when people seem stumped, you seem to have it all figured out.

Developing Your Claircognizance

When you have any clair gift, you can always develop it and be stronger in your gifting. You have to understand that using your clair gift is just like using any other skill that you have. You don’t just know things without working at it and claircognizant and any psychic gift is the same.

There are ways that you can develop your psychic gifts and even your claircognizant can get better. One way that you can do this is to use a pendulum. Do this and ask the pendulum questions each day and see if you are able to get the answer. Ask things like, “will my mom call me tomorrow?” Write these questions down and then see if the pendulum answered it correctly.

Another way to practice your gift is to use automatic writing. This is when you just start writing whatever comes to your mind. You will see that this helps you to learn to trust yourself more. Find a place that is quiet where you can concentrate just on what comes to your mind. Have a pen and paper handy and when things start coming into your mind, write them down. Do this while you are meditating.

Using Claircognizant in Your Life

Some people wonder if there is a difference between thinking or judging people and things or having claircognizance. The truth is your mind is always thinking and the thoughts that you have are often hidden inside of you. The wisdom and your intuition help you to reach your higher self and the things that it tells you aren’t always rational. Don’t rely constantly on logic but learn to listen to your irrational thoughts as well.

Sometimes people don’t realize that they have a psychic gift and if you are claircognizant, chances are that you are someone that says, “I knew that was going to happen,” often. You will be in places all over and you will feel this information come to you out of nowhere. This is where your claircognizance comes in to surprise you again.