Karmic Relationship Stages

Karmic Relationship Stages

Have you ever met someone that you were instantly connected with? You feel that you have known them forever? This can be a chemistry that is so strong that it makes you feel that you are out of control and that you are on a roller coaster.

Stages of Karmic Relationships

The stages of a karmic relationship are going to be very emotional and intense. They will leave you feeling out of the ordinary and will make you wonder what will happen next. After you connect with your soulmate, you will have an understanding of each other without even having to say anything. The purpose of this relationship is to help you get rid of your ego and feelings that are not necessary anymore in your life such as:

• Jealousy.
• Anger.
• Obsessions.
• Possessiveness.

These relationships can be great, and they can also be toxic. Here are the stages of these kinds of relationships and what you can learn from them:

Amazingly Romantic

The first time you meet this person you will have an attraction that is indescribable. You will have a connection like you have known them forever. It will feel like a magnet has put you together.

Wanting More and More

Each moment that you spend with this person is going to grow to the point where you crave them. You will want to be with them every second and they will feel like a drug to you.

Roller Coaster

When we talk about roller coaster, the drama that you will feel will be out of this world. It will be anger and upset in one second and love and compassion in another. The highs and lows will be indescribable.

Feeling Unsafe

You should be in a good relationship that makes you feel safe, but this relationship won’t do that for you. This will be a relationship that starts out good and then gets bad, fast.

Even when things are going well, you will wonder if they are leaving you and it will leave you feeling confused and hurt. Your partner also might start showing toxic traits.

Repetitive Patterns

You will see patterns start to repeat themselves and no matter how hard you try to make things better, they won’t be. You will feel confused, and you won’t know who to blame.

Feeling Codependent

The relationship will be different, and you won’t be able to focus on anything but the drama that you feel. You will feel that your partner doesn’t care about you, but you won’t be able to be anywhere but with them.

Lacking Communication

You will feel that you aren’t able to communicate with them and even though you have things to say, they won’t want to listen to you. When you try to talk to them it will just end in a fight, and it will make more tension than you wish to deal with.

Toxic Traits

You will start to realize that you have your own toxic traits, and they will be there such as being overly jealous or feeling angry or possessive all the time.

Moments of Tiredness

There will be times when you feel so tired that you just want to give up. This happens in toxic relationships and even when things feel good, you are worried that they will be bad again soon.

Letting Go

You will be able to let go of them for a while but then you will let them come back in your life. Karmic bonds are not easy to break, and you will have to figure out how to cut the cord and let yourself be free.

Breaking the Karmic Cords

In this kind of relationship, you will be together and break up repeatedly. This will be provoked by some kind of problem or struggle. After the struggles come the processes will repeat themselves.

Once you learn to work through these things, you will see that you have paid off your karmic debt.

Understanding Karmic Relationships

Karma is something that you can get rather you do good or do bad. You will see that as you live your life, this builds up. Karmic relationships help you to pay back your karma that you have to pay back, and it can help you to grow and to be a better person.

Karmic Relationship Versus Twin Flame

Karmic relationships are different than twin flame relationships. Here is a breakdown of the different relationships:

  • Karmic relationships: These come when you have karma that you need to pay back. These are part of a karmic bond.
  • Soulmate: This is a relationship that helps you to grow and become a better person. It will help you to get rid of your ego. These don’t last forever.
  • Twin flame relationships: These come when you need to understand who you are. These are meant to last forever and ever.

These relationships will all be different, but they will teach you all that you need to know about your life.

Are You in a Karmic Relationship?

There are signs that you are in a karmic relationship and what happens will cause you to face challenges and to change. There will be red flags and toxicity in this, but you will work through it as you pay back your karmic debt.

Will Karmic Relationships Stay Together?

Karmic relationships are up and down, and they can be very toxic but sometimes they will work out for long periods of time.

Reaching Your Higher Spiritual Place

There are ways that you can let go of your karmic relationship and reach your higher self:

  • Do yoga: This will give you peace of mind and clarity.
  • Self-love: practice loving and appreciating yourself.
  • Thankfulness: Be thankful for what the universe has given you.
  • Forgiveness: Learn to forgive yourself and others around you.

Final Thoughts

Your karmic relationship will help you to become a better person. As you change and grow, you will see that your life will get better. You will find freedom and you will change your life. Don’t let a relationship hold you down but use it to better yourself and the life you are living.