Let Your Intuition Guide You

Make Your Intuition Stronger

Following your intuition might seem like something simple but when you are making a hard decision in your life, are you really listening? Listening to your intuition might not be as easy as you think. This is true especially if you have disconnected from your intuition because of being afraid of trusting your senses or because of doubting yourself. The great thing is that you can practice and make your intuition stronger.

Understanding Intuition

Intuition is the voice inside of you that guides you. It helps you and guides you and the universe is the center of it. When you need to make a decision, if you follow your intuition then you will see that you are on the right path in your life.

Intuition will guide you and even though it is the same idea for everyone, intuition might work differently in everyone. Some will get a gut feeling, or some will just hear a voice. Other people will just seem to know things.

Make Your Intuition Stronger

Here are some ways that you can make your intuition stronger:

  • Know Where Your Intuition Went Wrong

Everyone has intuition but not everyone is able to use it right. If you have something in your life that has caused you pain, even in your past, you might not be able to listen to your intuition like you were able to at first. Sometimes people will even teach you that listening to your intuition will cause you to fail. If you are someone that was always told to be overly dramatic, you might think that listening to yourself is showing too much confidence. Or, if you thought you were listening to your intuition and you made a wrong choice, this might hold you back.

It doesn’t mean that something went wrong with your intuition, it just means that you have intuition hurt. When this happens, it can be harder to trust yourself.

  • Calm the Mind

It is important that you calm your mind so that you can hear what your intuition is saying to you. It can be hard to listen to everything happening around you and still hear the voice inside of you. Intuition can become cluttered when your mind is so busy, and it can be hard for you to hear the voice of it.

Take time to meditate and to calm your mind. This is a way that you can hear your intuition over the mind clutter.

  • Know Your Body

Figure out how to know your body. The body is what makes you feel things and if you are always feeling too many things, it can be hard to listen and to hear your intuition. Intuition helps you to make decisions and if you aren’t listening to what your body is showing you, you might miss is.

Take time to place your hand over your heart and concentrate on how it feels. Deep breathe and focus on what your heart is showing you. If you get a message, write it down.

  • Don’t Listen to Chatter

Chatter can be outside noise that can affect your decisions. You have to allow yourself to get rid of these noises if you want to be able to hear what your intuition is saying. Intuition is kind of like a whisper and if there are other voices screaming in your mind, you won’t hear your intuition. Take time to be silent so that you can hear what you need to hear.

  • Change How You Talk

Change how you talk about your intuition if you want to make it stronger. Pay attention to the things that you say. Instead of saying, “I think I can,” tap into what your intuition is telling you and say, “I feel…” Make sure that you are using positive words and positive sentences when talking about your intuition. Say things like, “I am able to hear my intuition clearly,” or “I have intuition that is strong.”

  • Practice

Practicing getting your intuition strong is just like practicing for anything else. Your intuition is already there in you, and you have to just learn to listen and hear what it is trying to tell you.

Tune out things that you don’t need to hear. Practice listening to your intuition when you want to make a small decision such as what to have for dinner. As you keep practicing, listen, and hear what your intuition is saying. You will feel connected to your intuition the more decisions that you make.

  • Do It

When you are listening to your intuition, the biggest thing is that you have to actually do what it is telling you. Tune into it and listen to it. If you get a feeling that you need to call someone, do it. Journal whatever kind of interaction comes from that. Don’t ignore subtle nudges or subtle messages that your intuition might be saying to you. Trust yourself and you will see your intuition get stronger.

Saying yes to your intuition will help to guide you when you need to make both small and large decisions. You will find that you will get messages as you trust this guidance. Even if you get scared, follow through with whatever your intuition says to you. You might see that you make less mistakes than you expected.