Yes, it’s True, it’s Clairaudience!


It is possible to receive guidance and have a two-way communication with our spiritual helpers through our psychic hearing.  Clairaudient messages are one of the ways our souls, Spirit Guides, angels, and departed loved ones communicate with us but how do you know you’re connecting with them? How do you know it’s not just your imagination or that you’re not just completely messed up?

That’s exactly what we’re going to reveal today. Many people doubt they receive clairaudience messages just because they think this gift is much more dramatic than it should be. In fact, clairaudient experiences are usually very delicate and mysterious– it’s pretty awesome!

Clairaudient Experiences vs. Standard Thinking

What if clairaudience isn’t so deep and heartfelt? Don’t forget, most clairaudient experiences are mysterious. What if you are able to tune into your Spiritual guides regularly? Wouldn’t that be a super-helpful life’s tool?

If you’re aware of what you are looking for, you’ll find that it’s not difficult to distinguish between clairaudience and your logical thoughts. All it takes a bit of practice and patience.

How do you know if it’s a clairaudience message?

I think of clairaudience as a telepathic messaging system. It’s similar to using your cell phone without even having to pick it up! The key is to be aware of how clairaudient experiences look like. In fact, it’s a bit different from your regular thinking.

Clairaudience message:

  • It sounds like your own voice(the voice you hear when you are thinking or reading to yourself).
  • It can be heard internally as well as externally.
  • The message will only be for your good. Because a Spirit primary energy is love. It would never tell you to harm anyone, get revenge, etc. Your soul is compassionate and forgiving.
  • It will never force you. You will only receive Divine guidance when you ask for, it will never tell you what to do. Eventually, choices are always yours.
  • You may feel like it is an auditory impressionor like a thought “popped up” into your head. For example, if I was thinking about my grocery list while brushing my teeth and suddenly, I had a memory of my grandfather in heaven – Then, he is communicating with me telepathically. Why? Because it’s a totally different thought from the one I was thinking. It’s also heard internally and externally. How ilsubtle clairaudient experiences can be?

Short, especially when you open out your clear hearing. You may hear a piece of music, a word, or a phrase. And by developing this ability, you will be able to communicate for a longer time with your Spiritual team.

How I Hear Clairaudient Messages

My two strongest abilities are being a clairaudient and clairsentient psychic medium. While doing a reading for someone, I hear things like names or phrases from Spirit. I usually hear them in my own voice. Sometimes, I hear them in Spirit’s voice. I also may receive large pieces of information – like paragraphs of impressions or thoughts.

When I open my mouth, these deep and wise words pour out! And in my regular life, I listen carefully to my intuition to help me navigate through each day. It helps me set priorities, make decisions, and live life in the most possible joyful way. I use my clairaudience as much as my physical senses. It’s so comforting to know that my spiritual team protects my back and is there for me.

Anyone can experience clairaudience

You don’t have to be a psychic to have a clairaudience experience. Everyone can access divine guidance. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do.

Examples of Clairaudient Experiences:

A Quick Warning

Many of us heard stories about someone being kept safe from harm because they received a warning.

My husband had a similar experience. He was on the highway with his work-mates when he heard, in his mind, that everyone needed to fasten their seat belts! Minutes later, their truck was slammed hard from behind by a speeding driver. Thankfully, no one got hurt.

He’s “the One”

I have a friend who had an amazing clairaudient experience. She heard the message: he’s the one when she was introduced to the GM of a company.

This sounds unbelievable, but she was super excited because she KNEW it was a message, but she was right. Two years later they got married!

Probably you had a similar experience. And probably it was easy to know that this was your intuition or Divine guidance because the message was sudden, clear, and was a little louder than your regular thoughts.