Healing with Meditation

Healing with Meditation

Meditation is a thing that can help your mind, body, and soul. As you meditate, you can start healing yourself. No matter how old you are, meditation can help you. You might find that over the years you have ached and hurt and that the things that you do in your life such as working, going to the gym or other circumstances can leave you feeling tense and sore. You might even have health problems or chronic illnesses that you have battled with.

If you are someone that is in a lot of pain or someone that has been sick for a long time, you might see that you need to stop calling yourself sick or else everyone will see you as someone sick. Instead, you need to look at your body and figure out what you disease is and what condition that you have all while loving your body and yourself.

There is power in the universe that you can use to help you love yourself, but you can also use it to help you to face your limitations and your challenges.

How to Heal While Meditating

You will never better yourself if you just sit there. You can sit for a while but there are things that you have to take action on in order to really heal yourself. You have to start by surrendering yourself and allowing yourself to really be there in your body. When you do this, it will open up your heart and you can begin to heal.

Take time to focus on how you are breathing and let this bring you into the moment. Most people have to deal with stress on a daily basis and this can affect the body. You have to learn to reconnect yourself and this starts with breathing.

Focus on how you breathe and how it feels going in and out of your nose and mouth. Let the breath totally fill your body and expand your lungs. If you are just starting, you might want to just start your first meditation session with breathing and learning how it feels.

You need to reach your higher self and find your inner self and be present where you are. Meditating can help you to find your internal energy and you will then be given compassion, patience and more.

If you are sick or have a chronic disease and you are physically in pain, you need to make the intention that you have distractions and that you might be uncomfortable, but you will sit there anyways. You can sit there and work on you. Stop thinking about the bad things that happened that day or get distracted by your life problems and stop mediating, but if this happens, just re-center yourself and let the thoughts move on.

You will start to feel forgiving and caring as you meditate and be in the present. Even if you start to feel uncomfortable at the beginning, give yourself time. Let yourself be hearted and let yourself be felt. Doing nothing isn’t always easy but it is something that is good for you. As you do nothing, you will see that you can get wisdom and insight. You will see that there is more than the pain that you are feeling in your body.

Connecting with the Soul

As you meditate, you will connect with your soul. This will allow your mind and your body to come into alignment and you will see that your energy will flow, bringing healing.

Easy Healing Meditation

Start by sitting somewhere comfortable such as a tall chair and sit up tall. Close your eyes and inhale and exhale deeply. Do this for a count of two in and a count of two out. Keep breathing until you reach at least 5 minutes.

Then, you can start saying mantras as you breathe. Say something like, “I am perfectly healthy.” Say this over and over as you breathe in and out and see that your mood will get better and stronger.