The Power of Not Responding

The Power of Not Responding

No response might seem to you like it isn’t anything serious. The truth is silence has more weight than almost any answer that you can give. Even if you think that this won’t hurt anything, the truth is that it does send a message and its one that some people won’t ignore.

Silence in Relationships

Some relationships are filled with silence form their partner. When this happens, it probably means that the relationship is about to come to an end. When you send something to someone and you expect them to respond to you and they don’t, this won’t feel good.

You might realize that your relationship isn’t feeling good anymore and that something isn’t right. This can also cause you to see that things have changed and that things aren’t ever going to be the same.

Just because you get silence, it doesn’t mean that you don’t feel that silene. Silence is a response and in a lot of situations, it can mean that things are getting bad. A person that doesn’t answer you shows you that you aren’t worthy of their time. They show you that they don’t want to waste their time on you and that they no longer want to talk to you.

Saying nothing is saying more than you could actually say. When you say nothing, the person is telling you that they don’t care about your feelings, and they don’t care what you think. They are showing you that they don’t want to tell you things or to answer you.

This can mean that they are distancing themselves from you and that you aren’t worth their time.

Silence Explained

Getting silence from someone that you love means that they would rather ignore you than fix what is wrong. They want to avoid you and they want to stop wasting their time on you. They are showing you that they would rather spend their time and energy on something else. They show you that you aren’t worth talking to you and that they don’t value who you are.

They will feel that they don’t have to take their energy and bind it with yours anymore because they want to get away form you and so they give you silence. Ignoring someone that you care about is actually a very big response.

When this response is what you get, this can be hard, but you need to realize that the person is done with you, and you need to be ready to move on. Rather times have been good or bad lately, they are choosing to be on their own and to distance from you.

They don’t want to include you anymore and they feel that your thoughts don’t deserve a response. This should tell you clearly how they feel.

Dealing with Silence

You can argue with someone and get silence back and this doesn’t mean the relationship is over because at the end of the day, the person will likely face you and talk to you about what happened. If the person isn’t going to see you and they are not responding just to not respond, then they don’t care about your feelings.

This person thinks that you don’t deserve to have a response. So, when you are putting in effort and getting nothing but silence in return, this should answer your question. The love is no longer there because if there is love, the person is going to respond to you.

Real love isn’t silent, and it isn’t something that you have to force someone to give you. When you are trying to make things good, and you are trying to show love and they are not responding to you then you need to realize they aren’t who you need in your life.