What Does He Even Want from You?

finding yourself in relationships

Are you always finding yourself in relationships where you feel confused, and you aren’t sure what someone is feeling or thinking about you? Do you find that you are always frustrated when you date? The best thing that you can do is to find out what a guy wants from you.

Hinting Around

It is important to pay attention to what a man is saying to you and how he is acting. Is he one that seems to want to get married or have children? Notice what he watches on YouTube and other videos and see if he is watching ones that are marriage or children related. Does he look at rings when he passes by a store that sells jewelry?

Some guys won’t come right out and tell you what they want but they will show it through hints. Pay attention to the hints he is leaving you.

  • Talking and Touching

You might be able to tell what a guy wants from you by the way that he talks to you or touches you. Does he text you and call you often? These are signs that he is interested in you and what you are doing in your life and how you can make his life better.

  • Notice What He Does

Pay attention to the signs that he is giving you and notice the way that he talks to you and what he talks about. If his signs contradict each other and you are still confused, you might need to just come out and ask him.

  • He Wants Time with You

A man that is interested in you will want to make time with you. He will make plans with you, and he will do whatever he can to be around you. If he is always coming with you even if it isn’t something he really enjoys, chances are that he likes you.

Guys that are only interested in casual dating won’t put time or effort into seeing you and they will just see you when it’s convenient for them. You can get other opinions about this guy by introducing him to your family and friends and see what they think about him.

  • Looking at You

Pay attention to how he looks at you. Does he keep eye contact and smile when you look at him? Notice his body language and if he seems to put his body close to yours when you are talking or walking together. All of these signs are important.

  • Pictures

Does he show you pictures or videos of things that he does? This happens because he wants you to see all of the good things that he does and to show off his talents to you.

  • Picking Where to Eat

A guy that likes you will pick out all of his favorite places to eat so that you can enjoy them to. Don’t feel like he is trying to be in control but that he wants to share what he likes with you.

What If He Only Texts Short Texts?

Men don’t talk like women do and sometimes it takes a man a lot of time to open up and to really become a conversationalist. Also, he might not be sure how to start a conversation or what to say so that he doesn’t sound stupid.

If he sends you a text that you don’t understand, ask him what it means and give him a chance to answer you. People aren’t the same in relationships and some will behave differently and will talk more while others might be quiet.


Figure out his behavior when it comes to communicating. Does he answer you openly and honestly when you ask a question, or does he avoid answering you? Asking logical questions about life will show you how he communicates. Also, notice the sexual pattern. If you are having sex, does he just come over when he can get laid or does he talk to you even when you aren’t having sex.

If you aren’t sexually active with him, see if he take the initiative to make you feel that the relationship is important. Notice if he is too busy for you or if you are a priority for him.

Is He Interested?

A man that is interested in you will make sure that you know he is interested. He will give you time and he will message you even when he’s busy. Always set boundaries and find out what you allow in the relationship and what you won’t allow and don’t let him cross these things.

People normally know what they want and if you aren’t sure what you want then you need to make sure that you know before you ever try to get the relationship serious. Once you are clear about these things then you will see if he respects you or not.

Knowing what he wants will help you not to have to look deeper into the meanings that he is giving you and it will give you an idea if he is the right guy for you or not. Here are some ways that you can get a clear picture and find out if you are on the same page or not:

How Does He Date You?

You should know his intentions and here are some ways:

  • How does he treat you? Does he meet your needs? Does he treat you like a partner?
  • Is he someone reliable and honest? Does he do what he says he will do?
  • Does he make time to see you and talk to you?
  • Does he try to get to know you better?
  • Do you have a hard time talking to him?
  • Is he accountable?
  • Does he let your connection go at a normal pace without rushing you?

If you answered yes to these things, then you are probably dating someone that likes you and wants to have a deeper relationship with you. Someone that is opposite of those things likely just wants to be in a casual relationship.

Makes it Obvious

The most obvious way to know if someone likes you is that they tell you. If the guy tells you that he is serious and looking to commit to you then you will be able to know what he wants. Listen to your intuition and see if your dreams and ideas line up together.


Notice how he reacts and how he communicates. If you’re in a bad mood or he is, how does he act? Does he act certain about who you are, and does he show that he is clear when he talks to you about what he wants?

Other Signs

Some men will give subtle signs and you need to pay attention to how he talks and what interests you share.

Moving Forward

When a guy wants to move forward with you, he will tell you and show you. Pay attention to this and see how he mentions things like committing to the relationship.

You should know what a guy wants and if you have to then you need to have a relationship bout being committed. Tell him what you want and make sure that he isn’t just trying to get laid.

Focus on the Talking

Focus on what he is saying to you and see if he is showing you that he wants a casual relationship or if he wants something more. A guy that doesn’t talk about his goals or the future with you probably doesn’t want that with you.

If he is interested in, you then he will talk about being serious and about where you and him fit together for the future. Focus on what he is saying and notice if he is being wishy washy about the future together.

Men can be hard to read but here are some things that you can notice to see if he wants more from you than casual dating:

  • He introduces you to his family and his friends. This can mean he wants you to see his world.
  • He calls and messages you first.
  • He talks about deep things, and he talks about his goals and dreams.
  • He tells other people that he wants to be serious with you.
  • He wants to be in a relationship with you.

Here are some signs that he probably just wants to be casual:

  • He only texts late at night when he wants to come over.
  • He doesn’t introduce you to people he knows.
  • He doesn’t compromise for your needs.
  • He will schedule other people over you.
  • He only gives small talk.

Finding the Perfect Guy

Finding the right guy for yourself happens when you love yourself and when you are confident in who you are. Be open to meeting new people and to going out and doing new things. When you do this then you can meet new people and you will see that you are on the right track in finding love.

Final Thoughts

Women often make the mistake of just guessing what a guy wants when she is dating him. Instead of doing this, she needs to pay attention to if he complements her, if he is caring and loving, if he is consistent in what he says and if he is giving off signals.

Don’t put what you want in the relationship and think that just because you want to be with him that it’s just what he wants as well.

If your guy is sending you mixed signals, then you need to find out what he wants and always set boundaries. These will keep your heart safe and won’t allow you to get hurt if the relationship isn’t what you thought it would be.