How to Develop Your Clairaudience

Develop Your Clairaudience

Psychics have different gifts and sometimes a psychic will have multiple clair gifts and not just one. Most psychics will have clair gifts and strong intuition, which is also another psychic gift. People that have the gift of clairaudience are people that are able to hear into the spiritual world. Clairaudience means “clear hearing”, and this is a gift that can be practiced and developed.

When you begin knowing that you are clairaudient, chances are that you will hear different sounds, songs, words, and other things that other people don’t hear. You may get to the point where you are able to even hear into your own mind and the minds of others. If you want to develop your gift of clairaudience, here are some tips:

Listen to the Universe

You have to be able to know the difference between the sounds that you are hearing. You can do this by going outside in nature and sitting with your eyes closed. Listen to all of the sounds that you hear, both close to you and those that are far away.

Once you have listened to the different sounds, try to only listen to one sound. Maybe you hear a bird chirping, concentrate on just that sound. Learn to hide away the other sounds that are going on around you. Try this again with a different sound.

Practice with Friends

Find a friend that will practice with you. Have them imagine a word in their mind and say the word in their mind and “send it to you.” Once they tell you that they have done this, listen to the sounds that you have in your mind.

See if you can figure out what word or sound that they sent you without them telling you.

Use Flashcards

You can use flashcards if you don’t have someone to practice with. Write down a lot of words on different flashcards and lay them facing down. Choose one and don’t look at it but see if your mind will give you information on what is on the card.

This can take time to do but you need to make sure that you are open to what is happening because the point of this is to be able to hear things that are going on around you in the spirit world and being open to these things.

Picture the Sounds

You can picture the sounds that you are hearing. If you hear a bird, picture the bird in your mind. Be very detailed about the sound and the picture that comes to your mind. Do this with other things like songs and other things and learn to pick up the energies of what you are hearing and feeling.

Talk to the Songs

When you want to practice and you are in the car, ask a question that you want to get an answer to. Ask your spirit guides to answer your question with the next song that comes on the radio. You can shuffle the music on your radio or let it play on its own.

Listen to the lyrics of the song and see if any of the lines give you the answer that you are looking for. This will help you to be more aware of what you are hearing in the spirit world when you aren’t meditating. You can practice this anytime you want.

Ask a Question

You can ask a question and you can ask your spirit guides to answer you. See if a song pops up in your head that answers your question. You might need to do this in a place where you meditate so that you can have a clear mind and a quiet place.


Meditate and ask a question. When you meditate, you are closing your mind and concentrating on the spiritual world. Let your spirit guides answer your questions and make sure that you are being intentional with what you want to know.

Close your eyes, deep breathe, and make sure that your heart and mind are open to getting the answer that you are looking for. Chances are that you will get a simple answer to the question that you asked if you just listen.

Final Thoughts

If you want to develop your psychic gifts, make sure that you practice and that you are open to the answers that you get. The more you practice the more you will see that you can increase your gifts each day.