A Guide to Channeling


Channeling is when you are able to go past your physical self and reach into the divine. There are different reasons that you want to channel.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is part of the spiritual world where you can get guidance from your spiritual guides. The power of the spirit allows love to flow to you in different ways. You might use any of these different spiritual beings to help you with communication:

• Ascended masters.
• Starseeds.
• Archangels.
• Angels.
• Fairies.
• Nature spirits.
• Spiritual guides.

The only thing that you need in order to channel is to connect with the spiritual world. Channeling can also be seen as a time to reach into the higher realm. You can change your state of mind so that you can reach these things with love and truth.

Channeling the higher realm can increase your vibrational frequency and can raise your mind. This allows you to reach into the energies and to let your power flow. Channeling is specifically known in the psychic world.

Kinds of Channeling

There are different kinds of channeling including:

Clairvoyant Channeling

This kind of channeling will help you to open your third eye and will help you to be able to see things into the spiritual world such as:

• Visions.
• Images.
• Symbols.
• Angels.
• Words.

When you receive these things, you can interpret what the messages mean to you. Clairvoyant channeling allows you to look at the meanings and the interpretations.

Conscious Channeling

This kind of channeling has to do with opening up your heart and your mind so that you can connect with the different guides. With this kind of channeling, you will see that your mind goes to an extended state and allows you to open up your vibrations for healing and for communication.

You stay in your own body for this type of channeling and your vibrational frequencies will match whatever energies that you want to connect with. This allows you to get a message and to be able to know what to do with this message afterwards.

This happens through your crown, third eye and throat chakra and allows you to feel each of the energies and to connect with the messages around you. This gives you a direct connection and helps you to create good changes in your life.

Channeling in a Trance

When you do this kind of channeling, you are allowing spirits to come into your body and to take you to a different dimension. You are then allowing the spirits to speak through you. This is a type of channeling that takes practice, and you should only do this when you want to open up your mind, body, and soul to another being.

Is Mediumship Different than Channeling?

Channeling is something that allows you to reach into the higher realm and to connect with the vibrations of spirits. Most of the time, channeling comes through a medium and so they are there to interpret the messages that are given.

Channeling is also known as telepathy with another spirit, and it can take you to a higher consciousness as you speak to different spiritual beings.

The channeler will get a message and they will be able to understand the message that is given to them. Sometimes though, the message will come from a being of light, and this will allow the medium to experience something new.

Angels and ascending masters will communicate with you through love and through vibrational frequencies. The energy will allow the medium to give the message in words even if they saw visions or symbols.

Using Discernment

Discernment has to be part of channeling and when you tune into a message you have to make sure that the message is a good message. Sometimes there are people or spirits that use fake channeling, and this isn’t good for anyone.

If the message doesn’t make you feel that you are in power or that it is good, then it can be a fear-based message. This is a spirit that you don’t want to connect to, and they are likely trying to connect with your ego. This will lower your vibrations and if the message is real, it will come from a place of non-judgement and value.

Increasing Your Vibrations

Increasing your vibrations when you channel is important. You should always surround yourself with love and light and ask your angels and your guides to keep you safe. This is something that opens you up to the spiritual world and you should always have high vibrations before you channel.

The connection that you make should be about love and light or you will get your vibrational frequency lowered. This will stop your protection.

Staying Away from Negative Spirits

Make sure that you stay away from negative spirits. You need to have good intentions and you need to make sure that your intuition is strong. When you are trying to connect with the spirit world, they can be tricky, and you need to make sure that you are connecting with spirits that are of light and of love and no other spiritual beings.

Love and Light

There are many different spiritual beings that are full of light and love. Connect with these and make sure that they are giving you wisdom and insight into good things. You need to keep your well-being strong and get messages from beings that align with your divine self.

When you channel love, you need to make sure that you keep your vibrations strong and that you are only connecting to spirits in the higher realm.


Channeling angels is something that can be helpful and good. They can give you power and if you open your psychic self to them then you can tune into them.

Learning to Channel

Anyone that has an open heart and open mind can learn to channel. People that channel are not special people, but they are people that want to give out their own light and love to others. Sometimes, they are Reiki healers or other kinds of spiritual healers.

Some people have a natural gift of reaching into the spiritual world and they can be people that are athletes, teachers, artists, and that have different styles and personality traits. Channeling is something everyone can learn.

The biggest thing is that you have the freedom to decide which spirit you are going to speak to. You can disagree with a spirit, and you need to pay attention to why and what to do. If you are new at channeling, you need to make sure that you are using the information that the spirits give you.

Develop your energy and make sure that you are paying attention to how you feel. Energy and vibrations play a crucial role in channeling and there are many different channels of love and light that can benefit your life.

There is no truth that is singled out and there are people that believe in different truths. You have to learn to listen to your heart and to listen to what inspires you and makes you feel good. Keep your mind quiet and listen to what your conscious self is saying.

How to Channel

Channeling allows you to reach into divine love and light. Channeling will change your life and will help you connect with the divine.

Keep your mind quiet and keep your heart open and you can learn to channel. Don’t let your ego or doubt fill you but find love and let love bring you clarity. Get rid of confusion and let yourself align with the truth of who you are.

Figure out who you are and let the divine connect into your life. Let go of your fears and your insecurities and as you channel, find love and beauty in what you do. You can even learn to give psychic messages as you channel, and you can bring healing to others.