Getting a Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyant Reading

Lots of people have reservations about clairvoyant or psychic readings There are some that merely perform parlor tricks for money. But that doesn’t mean that all clairvoyants are frauds. What it means is that you need to know what you’re getting into before you meet with one. Here’s what you should know before you get a clairvoyant reading.

Do research and prep work

Do yourself some research, both on the clairvoyant and their business. Read reviews online and ask around. If someone got swindled, they’ll most likely tell you all about it. And, if someone had a great experience, you’ll likely hear all about that, too. You’ll want to know what exactly they do during a reading so that you’ll know if you’ll be comfortable with the procedure. The goal is to find the ideal clairvoyant for you, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable with their reading style.

After you’ve decided on your ideal clairvoyant, get prepared with questions for your reading. You’ll want two sets: one set of generalized questions and one more detailed, personal questions. Ask the clairvoyant the general questions about your life first. This helps you to find out what the clairvoyant can tell you about things like your health, love life or spouse, your job, your dream career, your family, etc.

The reason for doing this is to see if the clairvoyant can tell you details of your life that only you and people who know you well would know. A good clairvoyant generally can. Once you’ve determined that the answers are adequate, if not shocking, you can then start asking the more detailed questions.

It’s a good idea to know what you want to know before you even start the reading, and most clairvoyants prefer that you be ready with these personalized questions, rather than just having them sit there and stare at you awkwardly because you have no idea what to do or say.

What can affect the reading?

Lots of different things can affect the reading, and they can be as a result of your life, or the clairvoyant’s. Your mood can be so negative that spirits and guides don’t want to come near your negative energy. Try to relax and calm yourself a bit first before the reading. Meditate, watch something, or listen to something that makes you happy, go for a walk, drink a cup of coffee, or do whatever it is you do to put you in your happy place. This will make it easier to get a positive reading.

Not every clairvoyant is super powerful, nor do they all have the same skills. A clairvoyant’s mood and energy level can affect the reading, as well, needing adequate energy to even perform one. The clairvoyant doesn’t always have control over what information comes through, or what doesn’t come through.

Messages from deceased loved ones may come through, so be prepared for that, just in case. And, when contacting spirits and guides, there’s no rule that says that the spirits and guides have to answer the call. They may not know the answers to your questions, either, which isn’t the fault of the clairvoyant.


Receiving a reading can be a positive, inspiring experience. They can bring direction and insight to your life and give you a better idea what you need to do to solve problems and move forward. Although there are sometimes bad people who take advantage of people who want this positive experience, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to obtain it for yourself. Just remember to do lots of research, find the right clairvoyant for you, and show up prepared with lots of questions.