How Does Psychic Healing Work?

Psychic Healing

Many people are wary of psychic healing. It sounds like some sort of science-fiction mixed with medicinal techniques. But does it actually work? And if it does work, how does it work?

Understanding energy

The realm of quantum physics has proven that all forms of matter can be broken down to their simplest forms, which are waves of energy. All things are made up of matter. So, what this means is that living things, and non-living things have energy. But, for the purpose of this writing, we’ll focus on living things. Have you ever heard someone use the term “life force”?

This is the energy that living things are made up of. It connects your mind to your body and your body to your energy field. Our energy flows through our bodies through complicated channels and passageways that we call chakras, nadis and meridians. These become important in reference to psychic healing. We’re constantly surrounded by our life force. Our surrounding energy is called our aura.

When one of the energy channels isn’t allowing the energy to freely flow, it can affect you in every aspect of your life. Blockages and imbalances in our chakras disrupt the energy flowing through our bodies. And, understandably, if your chakras aren’t functioning at optimal levels, neither are you.

Lots of people understand and agree that lots of negative thoughts can have negative effects on your physical health. If your chakras are out of whack, it can cause issues with your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Who benefits from psychic healing

In some cases, people have physical or mental ailments that leave doctors scratching their heads. In other cases, patients don’t respond well to Western medicine. And oftentimes mental and emotional issues don’t seem to be properly treated with Western medicine.

Sometimes, in such instances, psychic healing can provide people with some measure of relief. It’s also worth noting that going to the doctor likely won’t re-align your chakras. So, in that instance, nearly anyone can benefit from psychic healing.

What is psychic healing and how does it work?

Psychic healing identifies and locates problems. It’s used to treat all areas of the body and heal both physical and mental problems. It also mends energy fields, which can have great effects on the physical health. Often, doctors simply treat symptoms, but psychic healing can identify the cause and treat the symptoms both. This is done when the healer examines the person in order to see blockages or weaknesses in their energy.

Psychic healers are people with powerful, highly-tuned psychic abilities. They use these abilities to connect with people on a psychic level. They use a type of medical intuition, clairvoyance, and mediumship, along with other psychic abilities to detect problems with other peoples’ energy flows.

While they’re connecting with a person’s energies, they can receive messages from their spirits, guides and angels. Once they understand that the problem is, the psychic healer can use a variety of techniques to clear blockages and strengthen weak energy flows.

Effects of Psychic Healing:

-Removes toxins and cleanses the body

-Free the person from negative emotions such as: depression, guilt, fear, stress, anxiety, etc.

-Creates better blood circulation

-Removes spiritual and emotional angst

-Frees blocked up energy

-Alleviates pain

-Improves sleep

There are many tools that a psychic healer can use to perform a psychic healing. They can use one or a combination of the following:

-Shamanic healing

-Pranic healing

-Angel healing


-Acoustic healing (sound therapy)

-Quantum touch

-Crystal healing

-Healing touch therapy


Anyone can benefit from psychic healing. Toxins, major life changes, stress, negative thoughts, and illnesses can all effect our energy flow. So, since these are all fairly common things, it’s easy to understand just how quickly our energy can get out of whack. Since we are made up of energy, it makes sense that if our energy is unbalanced, balancing our energy can be massively beneficial to us.

If you are sick or injured, see a doctor. Never forego doctors and medicine to ONLY use psychic healing. Many people use a combination of both psychic healing and Western medicine. Just because psychic healing is beneficial doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to use it for every situation. However, it does treat things that Western medicine doesn’t. So, there’s no reason not to try psychic healing and give your chakras a tune-up.