How Do Past Readings Work?

How Do Past Readings Work?

Past life readings help you to connect with your subconscious mind to help you to understand what has happened in your past life. This is a time where you can find your karmic debt and where you can learn different lessons about life. Past life readings can be done with a psychic or a therapist or you can learn to do them yourself.

There are different ways that people can use to find out about the past life. You have to figure out which method is best for you and do the one that will benefit you most.


Reincarnation is a belief that people will be rebirthed, and they will come back to the earth again as the same soul in a different body.

This is a time where they say that you will learn karmic lessons and that you will do actions that will affect your life and the life of others.

Reincarnation comes from the philosophy where you can reach enlightenment and be healed.

Past Life Readings with a Therapist

People that want to know where they were in their past life can talk to a therapist or a psychic. They can get them to do therapy sessions where they can learn about their past life.

A past life therapist will help the person to connect with their subconscious mind to remember who they were from their past life, and they will understand more things in depth.

When someone wants to do this, they can do a therapeutic approach and they can do hypnosis and other things that will help them to find out about their past life.

Hypnosis is something that is not easy, and this is often called past life regression therapy. This is a time where you can use your senses to find out more about your memories that have been hidden for a long time.

Hypnosis will suggest you to figure out your reality and this will allow you to be able to see your past and to explore things such as trauma in your life.

You need to know that hypnosis does not violate ethical or moral laws, and no one will be able to force you to be hypnotized. You will not be able to die when you are in this state and it cannot force you to do things you don’t want to do.

If you like the idea of being hypnotized, you can find a group so that you can din out more. There are different techniques that can be done in order for you to get to your past life and some of it includes things such as meditation, breathwork and more.

Past Life Reading

One of the other methods of learning of your past life is to talk to a psychic. They can help you to be able to know what happened in your past by looking at your energy and by finding more about your spiritual information.

Reading and Astrology

You can learn more about your past life by using astrology. This is where most believe that karma and astrology are connected.

Astrology uses different things such as birth charts and they find the purpose of your life through your chart.

The two lunar nodes from the birth chart, the south and the north represent the paths that you have taken and the karma of your life.

The south node will help you to see things from your past life and it will help you to know things and the north will show you what your destiny is.

Past Life Reading and Entities

The discarnate entity is a spirit being that has no body. This is when there is something that lives past the earth.

The spiritual entities will help to communicate with you through a medium and you can do this by going into a trance or by doing utters or writings.

These entities will give you knowledge about your past life and help you to know things that you didn’t know.

Remembering Your Past

There is a method called the resonance method that can help you to get past your thoughts and your feelings and can help you to see things that aren’t even logical.

This is a method that requires you to feel form your past life and to know things such as your past hobbies or culture.


You can use your dreams to understand what has happened in your past life. Dreams will help you to reach different spiritual places. It will show you things that you will see about your past life and will show you different feelings and emotions.

You will have a hard time recognizing past life dreams sometimes, but you can do this if you are open to what your mind is telling you. If your dream shows you wearing clothing that is different than your present culture, then this might be a past life dream.


Meditating can help you to find out about your past life. It can help you to meditate and get rid of fears from your past. Always be cautious when you do this.

The unconscious mind is very smart, and you need to ask your higher self for answers. Here are some ways you can do past life meditation:

  • Find a quiet place to meditate.
  • Clear your mind.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Let go of stress.
  • Talk to your higher self.
  • Ask for protection.
  • Relax.
  • Visualize an open door and go in it to see your past life.


Using self-hypnosis is not the same as using past life hypnosis. This is a way that you can start to remember things. You can do this by repeating things and asking yourself questions.

Past Life Partners

Sometimes guided meditation will help you to see other people that have come into your life. You will be able to compare yourself with this person and know why they are part of your thinking.


Use your imagination to keep your mind strong. Increase your intuition and help yourself to know your companion.

Professional Past Life Therapists

Doing a past life reading on your own can be hard but you can talk to a past life therapist to help you. You can also talk to someone in your family that you trust.

This can help you to find the people that you need and get the answers that you need about your past life.