Explaining Clairsentience


Whether you have had a firsthand experience with a psychic or not, most of us are pretty familiar with those born with a sixth sense. This sixth sense allows a person to pick up on information about the past, present, and future, but just as we have five senses that help us in the physical world, there are many ways for those with extrasensory perception to perceive as well.

One of these extrasensory perceptions is that of clairsentience which is the ability to feel energy and knowledge. Just what makes clairsentience unique is shared below. Clairsentience translates to clear feeling and is defined as an ability to pick up on knowledge through intangible feelings.

This is an innate emotional awareness of psychic information instead of having visual or audio cues like those of other extrasensory perceptions. Being clairsentient is “feeling” everything meaning a high combination of discernment, spiritual awareness, and compassion.

Clairsentience Meaning

Being clairsentient gives people access to crystal clear feeling and energies that may relate to something happening in front of them or in some other place and time. Being clairsentient can also mean that someone is accessing this information on a psychic level. This is empathy taken a step further. It is knowledge about things that have not been revealed consciously or unconsciously and may not even be in your general area.

Someone who is clairsentient means you feel answers to things. It is much like a voice in your head that knows things about the energies you feel close to and also allows you to pick up on good and bad vibes from others. It can be compared to a supernatural strong sense of intuition combined with very deep spiritual empathy for others.

How Does It Feel?

Being cognizant of energies and feelings is a natural part of the human experience. Most of us have gut feelings about certain things or are able to emotionally connect with people. However, psychics say that the preternatural feelings associated with clairsentience are more pronounced and much more intense than the average person. This tends to bring deeper and more insightful information forward.

Due to the high sensitivity, clairsentient individuals may struggle not to take things personally and seek out those who have strong positive energy. This ability can feel like high-powered intuition that is hard to ignore but can become overwhelming. This is why it is so important for clairsentients to cleanse their energy fields often, so they do not hold on to the psychic burdens of others.

Clairsentience in Mystic Arts

Clairsentience is a psychic gift but can be utilized to enhance other mystical divinatory arts like tarot or energy healing. It can further be helpful with structured practices like astrology to help you integrate, flow, and synthesize. Clairsentience used with other forms of knowledge can bring deeper personalization to almost any practice.

Developing Clairsentience

If you are interested in developing clairsentient abilities, you must first learn to trust your intuition even when it is very subtle. Anyone can tap into this, but the most important thing is to ask for it and broaden your energy field. If you are ready for this, practice listening to your inner voice and trusting in its accuracy. Your internal guide will tell you what to do and what is best for your life. The more this is developed, the stronger your intuition will become.

Clairsentience is more than empathy and feeling the feelings of others, it is about energy perception and an innate knowledge of certain truths. Understanding the meaning of clairsentience can help us develop stronger intuition to navigate our lives.