Clairvoyance: It’s Intuitive Ability and Ascension


clair 1You may eventually possess the ability of clairvoyance if you are on the path of ascension. The ability to see beyond that which is perceived with the physical eyes is Clairvoyance. It is also known as seeing thru the psychic eye or in layman’s term, the third eye.

For example, words, symbols, or other information may appear in the mind’s eye of a person who possesses the ability of clairvoyance. This may happen as a form of guidance unexpectedly as the person goes about their daily routine, or it may happen as a result of their intentionally going within to search for answers. Information may come in regards to the person who actually possesses the ability of clairvoyance, or information that pertains to others may come through.

Those who experience clairvoyance may also see the actual unfolding of scenes in their mind’s eye. The scenes play out like the scenes of a movie. They may even see objects and people moving about in the scenes, or they may see still shots of scenes. The scenes often contain pertinent information that they, themselves, may need or information that others may need.

One who possesses clairvoyance may also experience seeing the spirits of those who have passed away. These spirits may be higher dimensional beings such as spirit guides or other divine beings, spirits such as ghosts that are stuck between the third dimension Earth and Heaven, family members who have recently departed, or other beings that are not incarnated on the third dimension Earth.

Those who experience clairvoyance may also possess the ability to see beyond the third dimension Earth. They may be able to see into the higher dimensions, and they may be able to see into alternate realities (parallel universes). Many parallel universes exist in the same exact physical space that our third dimension Earth occupies. They simply exist at an energy vibration that is different from our Earth’s energy vibration. Some parallel universes exist at a higher energy vibration than our Earth does, and some exist at a lower energy vibration than our Earth does. Therefore, because our energy vibration does not match their energy vibration, we normally do not perceive them. However, a person who possesses the ability of clairvoyance may sometimes see into the other universes. They may see physical objects, buildings, animals, and even people in the other universes.

People who possess the ability of clairvoyance may also be able to see the energy field that exists around all living things. They may see a gray energy field surrounding living things or a gray energy field emanating from living things. They may also see an energetic duplicate of objects. Some who possess the ability of clairvoyance may even see, in great detail, the colors of the auras of others.

Once we are on the path of ascension, the veil begins to lift, and we begin to experience our true, natural multidimensional nature. We transition beyond the third dimension to a higher state of being. We are no longer limited to the five physical senses of the third dimension Earth plane. We begin to possess a sixth sense that includes clairvoyance and many other intuitive abilities.