Struggling to Get Your Clairaudience

Struggling to Get Your Clairaudience

Developing psychic hearing, also known as clairaudience, is something that is meant to be fun and inspiring. Still there can be a problem in its development when the throat chakra is blocked. This can even cause people to doubt their abilities even though it is a simple block that can be cleared. This article will cover how the clairaudient ability is connected to the throat chakra and about the chakras and understanding when they are blocked. Once the throat chakra is opened you will feel differently, and it is simple to unblock.


Chakras are multi-colored balls of energy that are beautiful and lined up from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They can be imagined as seven separate spinning pinwheels that run up the spine. Each chakra is in charge of a given desire, emotion, and body portion that depends on its location. Though this is a good definition, chakras are actually much more. Chakras have an impact on how we interact with the world, experience our abilities, and even feel.

Throat Chakra and Clairaudience

At the back of your throat is the throat chakra and it is the energy center that is in charge of communication and creativity. This includes clairaudience. It is most associated with the color turquoise. Since it is strongly connected to communication, a blocked throat chakra makes developing clairaudience much harder. To keep up the analogy, it is a stick keeping the pinwheel from spinning.

Signs of a Blocked Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is blocked or closed, the abilities it is connected to are stunted. When fully opened, it is returned to all its gloriousness. It is easy to recognize when your throat chakra is closed. Look for the following:

  • Difficulty in expressing feelings, emotions, and thoughts.
  • Having creative blocks.
  • Being steamrolled verbally by others.
  • Struggling to develop your clairaudience.
  • Difficulty with trusting your own inner voice.
  • Feeling the weight of the world without relief.
  • Feeling misunderstood when you try to verbally explain things.

These concerns alone show the importance of this chakra being fully open. Granted, individually the signs can be easy to miss, but together it points in one direction, a closed throat chakra. On the other side of things, a fully open throat chakra will feel like:

  • A sense of peace when you speak your truth.
  • Clairaudience development feels natural.
  • You trust in your inner voice.
  • Creativity freely flows without trouble.
  • Renewed confidence in self-expression.
  • You are connected to your higher self, spirit guides, and even intuition.

Opening the Throat Chakra

Being able to speak your truth and finding your creativity is highly important. If you are reading this, clairaudience is obviously important as well. This is why we need to know how to open our throat chakras. Read on to learn easy ways to do this.

  • Sing – Belt out your favorite song as loud as possible.
  • Write to Yourself – Write all your truth out and express all your feelings.
  • Write someone else – Speak your truth to someone else on paper, it does not and probably should not be sent, but it will open the throat chakra.
  • Read aloud – Find something and read it out loud because this uses your voice.
  • Essential oils – Certain scents can help open up the throat chakra. Rub your favorite scent on your palms and then place the hands over your throat gently for a few minutes, include your ears if you want.
  • Stretch – Chakras can impact us physically, so stretch out your neck with things like head rotation.
  • Honesty – Be honest and loving but speak your feelings in a given moment.
  • Hobbies – Get back into a creative hobby you may have put aside.
  • Meditate – Meditate with a focus on the throat chakra area.

Developing Clairaudience

Since we know the throat chakra is in charge of creativity and communication, if it is closed, we can feel blocked creatively and in speaking up for what we need. If you know you are clairaudient, but seem to be stalled, work on the throat chakra. There are meditations online to help with this.