Increasing Your Clairvoyant Power

Increasing Your Clairvoyant Power

Too often psychic abilities and spirituality take on the connotation of evil and darkness.  This is a huge mistake.  This gift has nothing at all to do with bad spirits and feelings. On the contrary, there is an inherent talent in all of us that connects us to the spirit world.  Connecting to your spirituality can open up your third eye or crown chakra.

Psychics are so much more than exotic women seeking answers in a crystal ball, telling fortunes for cost. In fact, you can develop your own psychic abilities. You are able to help your own power evolve from within you.    Clear seeing, or clairvoyance can be used to see the future as well as the past and the present.  Here are a few signs that you have already tapped into your psychic power.

  • You have had dreams that come true.
  • You have found a lost object after visualizing the location where it can be found.
  • You suddenly think of someone who you haven’t seen in years. Then you get a call or email from them.

These are common psychic experiences. They are actually very useful as you move through your world. You can help your inner clairvoyance develop and grow with practice.

Here are a few ways to help this along:

  • Stop being afraid of the future

You may have had flashes of clairvoyance when you were younger, but as you got older you closed yourself off to visions and signs out of fear. You may have even dismissed any of your signs and visions as being part of an overactive imagination. To develop your inner power, stop being afraid.  Actively practice this by meditating on embracing your power.

  • Ask specific questions

To get into the practice of clear clairvoyant visions, ask correctly stated questions.  Word your inquiries specifically so that your answer will come in loud and clear.

  • Concentrate as you welcome your vision

Once you have posed your question, breathe as deeply and mindfully as possible. Focus on opening your inner eye. This is traditionally seen as the area between your eyes. As you focus on this, remind yourself that you welcome the information you will receive.

  • Pay attention to any visions you may see

Some messages clairvoyants receive are highly symbolic and appear only as pictures.  They can be true to life or even cartoonish, appearing as drawings or paintings.

  • Ask for clarification of the visions

Think about the increasing the clarity of the vision. Tell yourself that you want the message to come in more clearly.

  • Ask the universe to help interpret your vision

Again, you may have to state this out loud by asking what your visions mean. Be open to the feelings and thoughts that occur to you.   Trust in the spirit world. They want you to receive the message, so they will help you clarify.

  • Trust in the message

Do not deny your power by denying the message.  Open yourself up to the realization that you have power, and your own clairvoyance will guide you.  This is the most important thing. Do not throw away your opportunities to see more clearly.

Keep a journal of the messages you receive so that you may see the pattern of your own ability.  Soon you will be able to learn how to visualize and appreciate your power.