The Pull Between Soulmates


A soulmate is someone that you will meet in your life. This might be a romantic relationship or a friendship.  The romance is not necessary for there to be a strong connection.

No matter who your soulmate is, everyone has one.  There will be a magnetic pull between you and your soulmate, and each human is like a magnet that attracts to others.  We have force and we have attraction and repulsion.

When we are attracted to a person, the bond increases and causes us to have a strong connection.  When we finally meet our soulmate, we will see the magnetic force stronger than ever before.  This is a presence that is with every soulmate meeting.

Instant Attraction

You and your soulmate will feel an instant attraction that you cannot ignore.  You will want to be close to each other even after the first time you meet.


You will immediately trust your soulmate with anything in your life.  Even from the beginning, you will have a strong connection and you will share secrets and parts of your life with a deep understanding between the two of you.


When you are with your soulmate, the magnetic pull will be strong, and the spirits will be there to charm you and make you feel happy with each other.


You may feel nervous around some people but around your soulmate there will be no nervousness and you will never feel judged or looked down upon.


When there is a soulmate connection, it might be intimacy, or it might just be friendship.  This is something that will take you to a new level regardless of the emotions.

This happens because the magnetic pull is so strong, and the forces is so strong.  Even though sexual attraction is not always there, the relationship that you have is going to be strong.


You will always know what your soulmate is thinking and vice versa.  They will have a force on you that shows you what they are feeling without speaking words.

You and your soulmate would be able to write a story without using words and you will never have to explain things to each other, you will just know. When you communicate with your soulmate, you will know what is going on in their head at all times.


When your soulmate leaves, you will still feel that their energy is with you.  It will always be with you, and you will never feel alone.

Even when you are alone, your soulmate will be there with you.  Having a soulmate is the best feeling anyone could ever experience in their life.