Shifts to Help Manifest True Love

Manifest True Love

Love is something we all seek at every age. This is both to love and to be loved, but we often make this process more difficult than necessary. Finding this love is not about joining Tinder or reinventing your look, it is about making a shift in your mind and heart to open you up to receiving the sought-after love. This is easier than it may sound. Below are five tips to help you be more open to love.


Forgiveness is an ongoing spiritual practice and creates a profound and powerful shift when working to attract something. This can be applied to money, power, or love. This is the first step in the process of opening yourself up for love. To this point, you have done your best, so forgive yourself for not knowing how to do things differently so you can open up to the possibility of doing better.

Know Your Wants

You must know what you want in order to work toward getting it. Be clear on exactly what you want so the universe knows what to bring. Be specific.

Know Your Why

Knowing your why is simply knowing the reason you want what you want. While this is often applied to business, it can also be applied to your love life. When you know your why, you can make sure it is a healthy want, not simply a passing thought or fear. When this is recognized and it manifests, it will be clear, even if manifested in an unexpected way.

Positive Feelings

If you focus on negative, you get negative. If you focus on positive, you get positive. This is a simple concept. Focus on positive feelings that love will bring and as you live these feelings, you will attract more of them into life.

Letting Go

It seem the opposite of what should be done but let go of what is to make room for what can be. Stay open to the possibilities after you have done the previous four things and pursue the right opportunities. The love you desire and are destined to receive will arrive.

Manifesting Love

The universe wants you to have what you want and need, and this includes love. When you are ready to manifest love in your life, follow the steps to make yourself better and then let the universe do its magic.

Be open to whatever the universe wants to give you and show you and learn to embrace life with happiness and peace.