You and Your Psychic Gifts

Psychic Gifts

You have psychic gifts, and you may not even know it!

It’s obvious that some people know they were born with innate psychic gifts, or “clair abilities.” But the truth is that everyone has the potential to transport themselves into diverse dimensions and to receive profound communications from the spiritual realm.

Think about it for a bit—remember those times when you felt like your dreams were déjà vu, or when you experienced that” gut feeling” that pointed you toward a specific goal? Those were your inner clair abilities sparking with the hope that you would take note and act accordingly.

Psychic and Clair Abilities

Lots of people understand that they possess clair abilities, while many more do not. Either way, by reading this article, you’re on the right path!

There are multiple types of psychic gifts that everyone experiences, including “clairvoyance,” or clear vision; “clairsentience,” or clear feeling; “clairaudience,” or clear hearing; and “claircognizance,” or clear knowing. There is also “telepathy,” or information transmission; and “mediumship,” or communication with the spiritual realm.

Trust and Believe

All these gifts have something in common: trust. Not only trust in yourself, but also trust in the information you receive. These gifts all may seem like rare and fantastic phenomena, but they’re actually fairly common. And they’re probably manifesting in your life right now! The only things separating skeptics from psychics is that psychics believe that anything’s possible, and that we’re all more powerful than we could ever imagine!

Being “psychic” is a lot of fun. It isn’t frightening at all! You can learn to perceive auras, balance your chakras, experience astral adventures, clear past life karma, explore your library of Akashic Records, and so on.

Harness the Power Inside

You can easily learn to access your power so it can help you in your everyday life. Simple things you can start doing right now include training with genuine professional psychics, reading the materials they recommend, and practicing daily doses of laughter and humility. You will learn to take charge of your personal energy field and to eliminate negative vibes, rather than fearing the spiritual realm. This will help you live your most authentic, fullest, and most blissful life possible.

Best of all, the clair abilities offer you autonomy. Why disperse and waste the power that’s inside of you? Exploring your clair abilities will allow you to gain clarity on your life, to break through negative patterns, and to burst forth into your best, most powerful self ever. This may not be the right path for you if you want to play things small or to remain “safe” inside of your comfort zone.

But if you want to increase your mindfulness, to connect more deeply with all living beings, to confidently challenge your ego, and to outgrow all of the patterns and people that no longer serve your higher self, this may be the perfect direction for you. Besides, once you discover the truth, it will be difficult to ignore it!

Diet and Intuitive Abilities

One easy way to help develop your clair abilities is to improve your eating habits. It’s likely that you already know what works for your own body, and that there’s no one secret, one-size-fits-all “formula” that will apply to everyone.

But refined sugars, processed foods, gluten, dairy, sulfates, and fluoride can negatively impact our energy vibration, and can create a build-up of clogging, dense blockages. To maintain your body as a clear conduit for your intuitive gifts, it’s important to maintain a diet of foods that help you feel focused and rejuvenated.