When Angel Numbers Warn You

Angel Numbers

Angels come to you to help to guide you and to keep you safe, especially your guardian angels. They will sometimes reach out with you in strange ways such as by putting numbers in front of you that repeat. Numbers that you see repeating such as 267 or 111 can happen so that you can be warned of some kind of danger that is coming to you.

Angel numbers are numbers that come from the angel, and they are numbers that get you thinking of what your angels are and if they are with you. Numbers like 111 help you by giving you signs that you need to keep you safe.

Numbers sometimes come in sequences and can be a cautionary message that you need to pay attention to.

What Numbers Are Warning Numbers?

Numbers that come in sequence such as:

  • 13
  • 1313
  • 131313
  • So on…

These numbers that are in the 13’s can go as a sign to you so that you can know when something is going to happen that can be harmful for your life. This could be a failed relationship, being fired from your job or someone hurting you.

The angels don’t want to scare you when they send you these signs, they just want to warn you so that you know that something is coming and that you need to be able to take charge and to stay calm when it does.

11’s of Sequence

When you see a sequence of 11’s, you might be getting new ideas about who you are or something you want to do. These ideas can be both good or bad and it depends on what comes to your mind when you see the numbers.

If you see these numbers and things are negative in your mind, then chances are that the angels are trying to give you a warning message. This is something that happens so that you can change your mindset and your thinking.

Looking at your clock might show you 11:11 or you might see a game end at 1:1. If this happens, you should know that angels don’t bring negativity, and this can mean that your negative thoughts need to be changed.

Angel Numbers

Some angel numbers such as 7316 and 464 are there to give you messages about your job or your money. This can mean that you spend too much time at work, or you spend too much time worrying about your money situations.

If you are putting your work over your family and friends, then you might need to change what you are doing. You need to balance your life so that you can have work and have fun.

6161 Angel Numbers

When you see these numbers, you know that you have sexual desires and relationships that can be good or bad. People that want to have sex or want to try new things in their sex life often see these numbers.

If you find that you are seeing these numbers all the time, then the angels are trying to warn you that you are looking for love in the wrong people and places. This can also mean that you are with someone that you are not compatible with.

3266 Angel Numbers

This angel numbers is one that means that you need to look deeply at your relationship. You need to see if this is the person that is meant to be in your life.

Angels will warn you if your relationship is dangerous for you or is toxic or unhealthy. Pay attention to this number and if you see it then look at your relationship from a different perspective.

8528 Angel Numbers

Seeing this number in your dreams or in real life can mean that you are being warned about how you are using your talents to make money. Not all money can be made fast and if you are into things that are causing you to make money quickly then it might be a scheme.

People love to use their hobbies to make money, but this doesn’t work for everyone.

2825 Angel Numbers

Are you rushing things in your life? If you see this number then you might not be thinking through things such as your relationship, your job or decisions you are making.

This number can tell you that you have to slow down and not make fast decisions before you make a mistake that you cannot turn back from.