Your Spiritual Awakening Journal

Spiritual Awakening Journal

When you have a shift in your consciousness and when you are changing in your spiritual being, this is part of your spiritual awakening. This means that you start to see things from a different perspective, and you want to let go of things such as your ego and your conscious mind.

The journey of your spiritual awakening will be a hard journey but there will be no reward like it. When you start your spiritual awakening, it usually happens after you go through something bad or hard in your life. It then opens up your heart and mind and makes you desire something more.

Once you start going through it, you will see things differently and you will find that you are able to accelerate your journey and make it happen faster. You might wonder if you can open up your mind and your soul to higher thoughts and things and there are things you can do to make that happen.

Ways to Open Up Your Mind for Your Spiritual Awakening

One thing that you can do to make your journey go faster is to meditate. When you meditate, you quiet your mind and you let the spirit world talk to you and encourage you.

Doing this can help you to open up your mind and have support. There are benefits of meditating each day and this can help you to be closer to your spirit guides and your angels.

Ask for Help

When you are meditating, you can ask your guides to help you. You can ask that they will support you and show you inspiration.

Sometimes they will be there to help you to control your mind and to have better things happen to you. When you ask them to come to you, they will guide you and bless you. There is no real or wrong way that you can call on your guides, just talk to them.


We live in a time where we can learn anything and can find information on anything. Find a book or an online podcast and do what you can to learn about spirituality.

If you want to increase your awakening, you need to pay attention of things that are beneficial to you and that can help you such as:

  • Ancient texts.
  • Spiritual texts.
  • Learn about spiritual realities.

We all need to help ourselves by learning new things, but you can ask your guides to assist you in these things.


We need to be mindful of what we are going through and how we react. Make sure that you are being positive and that you are being aware of the energy that you bring into your life.

Pay attention to how you respond to things and how you look at things. When you are mindful, you can lower the brain chatter and you can be aware of what is going on in your mind, body, and spirit.

Go in Nature

Go outside and spend time in nature. You can go barefoot in the dirt or work in the garden. Being in nature will help to calm you and will help to open up your spirit world. Here are some things you should do in nature:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Pay attention to the fresh air.
  • Meditate by a tree.
  • Go by the river.
  • Look at the sunset.
  • Look at the sunrise.

When you go out and look at how amazing nature is, you will see that you have a life force of energy that helps you to live a better life.

Accept and Surrender

You have to learn to surrender when you go through your awakening. When you do this, you have a higher self, and you are able to lower your ego and to have a stronger self being.

Surrendering is one of the greatest things you can do. Here is what surrendering means:

  • Accept what is happening.
  • Accept that things are okay.
  • Accept that you are growing.
  • Surrender yourself to the divine and learn to accept the blessings that come with it. Give yourself time to grow and to change.

Once you accept things, you will be letting the awakening come.

Be Thankful

Thankfulness is one of the most powerful things that you can have in your life. This helps you to reach your higher self and to be part of the divine world.

When you are in a place of thankfulness, you realize that things are good in your life and you are thankful that you are alive.

Thankfulness allows you to see how much you are blessed and how good things are in your life. Be thankful for everything even when you feel that you have nothing. This will help to accelerate your awakening.


Detox things in your life that are clouding your mind and your energies. Get rid of toxins in your body from processed foods, alcohol, or other chemicals.

This can help you emotionally and physically. Getting rid of toxins in your body can help you to have an overall wellbeing.


Find places that you can give your time to help others. Once you are serving others, you will see that you are accelerating your journey. Be of service to everyone that needs you and take the opportunity to grow and to advance in life.

Your awakening is about everything and everyone you are connected to because it is all about divine force.

Be Positive

Be positive even when things get hard. Learn to teach others and to help others to grow. Do not block your energy by refusing to help others or by being negative.


Your awakening is meant to be something that you go through that brings goodness into your life. When you face hard times, you have to be full of positivity so that you can make it through.

Tell yourself how amazing you are and be open and positive to all things that come to you. The more opportunities that you have to grow, the stronger you will be.

You will see that in the end you will have a state of peace, joy, and happiness. You will be empowered to be the best that you can be, and your spiritual journey will accelerate.