Dreaming of Someone Dying

Dreaming of Someone Dying

You go up to your friend and shake them, calling out to them only to find out that they are not sleeping but dead. You try to get to them but there is a darkness that comes, and you cannot reach them.

You wake up and feel like you have lost someone close to you, but you are not scared. Maybe you have had a dream of dying before and you wonder what it means. The truth is a dying dream probably does not mean that your friend is going to die.

Seeing a Dead Person in Your Dreams

People that are terminally ill will often dream about someone dying. Others that have lost someone recently might also have these kinds of dreams. Some people find these dreams to be good, but others find them to be terrible and some people are very disturbed about these kinds of dreams.

Dreams can help people to mourn. This can be a reflection of what you are feeling inside and of loss that you are having.If you aren’t sick or if you haven’t lost someone recently then your dream is probably not about death at all but about some kind of change that is going on in your life.

When you want to interpret your dreams, you have to learn to focus on the details of the dream and how you feel after you have it. Did you wake up from this kind of dream fearful or did you feel anxious or stressed? Maybe, you woke up feeling peace and calm and excited about the new things you are going to experience.

Predicting Tragedies

Dreams about death can be upsetting but having a dream does not mean you are predicting the future. The thing about dreams is that they are often symbolic and so dreaming about death can mean change or it can mean a recent loss that you have experienced.

Falling Dreams and Death

When someone dreams of falling, chances are they have feelings such as:

  • No self-confidence
  • No control
  • Want to be free of something

This can be a symbolic dream that means the start or the ending of something.

Dreams of Death

Death can come in many different forms in your dream and if you dream of someone you care about or yourself, this can mean that you have issues with them that you need to work on.

Family Dying

Children often have dreams, and the dreams can be very strong. If a child has a nightmare, chances are that they dream about things such as:

  • Someone dying
  • Someone getting hurt
  • Someone being threatened by something
  • Dreaming of a loved one dying can have to do with changes in life or relationships.

Dreams About Yourself Dying

Dreaming about your own death can mean that your life is going through changes. This can be a dream that is symbolic, and it can mean you are changing things, or you want to have change in your life.

This can also mean that you have not met your own needs and you have neglected yourself along the way.

Celebrities Dying

When you dream about a celebrity dying, it can mean that you are lying about something, or it might mean that you don’t know who you are.

Pets Dying

Dreaming about a pet dying can mean that they might be sick or old and that you are worried about them. Or it can mean other things such as a lack of:

  • Feeling secure
  • Being comfortable
  • Wanting to have a companion

Dreaming of your pet dying can mean you are worried about not having these things.

Friends Dying

When you dream about a friend dying, it can mean that you worry about someone in your life. It can also mean that you are trying to be free of that person. Dreams do not always have a solid meaning and these kinds of dreams might not be about your friend at all.

A Dead Loved One

Some people dream about someone that has already died. These dreams are not bad dreams, and they are dreams that help you to cope with death.

Avoiding Death Dreams

You do not want to stop yourself from having these dreams, but you need to learn to look at them from a different point of view. Dreams that keep coming back can mean that you have issues that you have not resolved in your life. This can cause you to have stress. When you control these dreams, it might cause you more issues.

You can have better sleep if you learn to calm down before you go to bed and if you turn off your electronics about a half an hour before laying down. If you wake up in the middle of the night, do what you can to relax before you go back to sleep.

Try deep breathing or other exercises. If you have trouble with dreams coming back again and again, try to talk to someone such as a therapist or a doctor.

How Dreams Happen

Dreams happen because your brain is always on. Everyone dreams but not everyone remembers the dreams that they have.

Dreams can be:

  • Thoughts you had from your day
  • Feelings in your unconscious mind
  • Random dreams

The mind works in different ways and there is no real answer as to why someone has certain dreams. Letting a person go through their dreams can help them to work out what is going on in their life.

If you have intense dreams about dying, it means you most likely have strong emotions. Some dreams of course are just random dreams, but others can be symbolic.


Dreams about dying can be upsetting but you should never take them literally. Some dreams are just symbols of things in our minds and our emotions.

The emotions that you have help you to have dreams and often cannot be interpreted. If you are stressed about your dreams, talk to someone that can help you work through your thoughts and emotions.