What is Special About a Rainbow Child?

Rainbow Child

People that are star children are ones that have come to the earth so that they can build a life of peace and compassion. They have a normal way of life, but they are grouped into things such as rainbow and star children. These kinds of children have the mission to come to earth and to help to make things kind and loving.

Some believe that rainbow children have only been on earth the past five years, but others feel that they came around 2000 when the Indigo and Crystal children were woken. These children arrived to make a path for the rainbow children to come.

No matter what you call them, rainbow children are lightworkers. They have characteristics to see things better. They want to get rid of bad karma and they clear things to pave the way for growth and to change how we look at life.

Rainbow Children

Rainbow children are the children of star children. They have reached their higher selves and they are able to reach the spirit world and to show unconditional love to others. They reach their real self, and they are peaceful int eh world.

Rainbow children have never lived on earth until now and this is why they are different. They are loving and compassionate and they want to serve others.

They are positive and loving and they help to raise up humans. They are there to show you love and kindness.

Traits of the Rainbow Child

There are different traits of a rainbow child such as:

Good Families

These children have no karma to pay back so they have families that have no drama. They are good homes, and they are supported, and their lives are balanced. They offer unconditional love to each other, and they have a good start in life.


These children know that it is important to get rid of negativity and they focus on helping others. If they get upset, they forgive and become happy again. They understand that humans have flaws.


The powers of the rainbow children are that they are able to talk to each other without words. They can read minds and they can communicate through their mind and be heard.


Rainbow children are also psychic. They are able to talk to the spirits and to have strong intuition.


The rainbow child is afraid of nothing. They do good work with the planet and aren’t afraid.


The rainbow children are attracted to people that are sick. They want to heal, and they use bright colors to do this.


Rainbow children do not require much sleep. They don’t get cold, and they don’t get tired, even in the winter.

Passionate and Caring

The rainbow child focuses on doing good things. They have compassion for others and are passionate for what they are meant to do.

Kind and Giving

These children are there to bring peace and joy in life. They want to make sure that they give to others, and they are loving and kind.


These children are evolved, and they can manifest what they want. They do not waste time.

Balanced Energy

The rainbow child has a balanced male and female energy. This aligns with the universe and is balanced in all ways.


One of the most important things to know about the rainbow child is that they have no karma to pay back. They are clear because they have not been on earth yet. They have lived many lifetimes, but they have not made any debts.


It is important that if you are a rainbow or indigo child that you set your intentions. This means that you are in a higher conscious and that you are in control of your feelings and emotions.

Open up your heart and learn to love unconditionally. Be one and love yourself and then love others. Discover the true colors of people around you and know that you can change for the better.

Like star children, everyone has come from the star but those that have come to earth have chosen this life to help others. They have the opportunity to be rainbow children and then to return to the stars after they do their good works.