Your Goddess and the Zodiac

Your Goddess and the Zodiac

The planets and gods and goddesses are often a part of history and according to history, they play a big role in the people’s lives. The goddesses are easy to access, and you can call on them for different things and for different reasons, but it is important to know what kind of personality and characteristics these goddesses have when you are looking for a guide.


The goddess Birgid is a fire and poetry god and is part of the fire sign. You can ask her to help you when you are passionate about something in your life.


If you are looking for a goddess that will help you to be more practical, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love can help you.


The Gemini can learn to communicate better if she calls on the goddess of the rainbow, Iris. She can help you to communicate better and to make good decisions.


The harvest goddess helps people to be able to grow things both physically and in their lives.


Aurora, the Roman goddess will give you light when things are dark and will help you when you are feeling stubborn and when you want to get rid of this trait and make it further in life.


The goddess of the underworld is Persephone, and she can help you to be more patient in your life. She is the wife of Hades, and this makes her queen.


Venus is the goddess of love and can help to inspire you and find beauty in yourself.


The Celtic goddess, Morrigan is one that can help you to be able to keep secrets for your friends.


Artemis can help you to find truth in your life and to be faithful. She is the goddess of the hunt and is a Greek goddess.


The Capricorn is one that always wants to reach their goals and to be the best that they can be. If they need help, they can call on the Norse goddess of war, love and beauty, the goddess Freya.


If you are looking for inspiration in your life and you are co-dependent on others, you can ask the goddess of the slain heroes, the Irish goddess, Maeve to help you.


Psyche can help you to understand things that you are having a hard time understanding. She is the goddess of the soul and is a Greek goddess that helps the Pisces who is very loving and creative.


You can ask the goddesses to help you and to guide you and when you understand their personalities, you can know which one to call on as to what you need in your life.