Meaning Behind a Bear Sighting

What Does it Mean When You See a Bear?

Seeing a bear can be a powerful situation or a powerful meeting. If you see a bear as an image or in a dream, it can be because this creature will play a huge role in your life. Seeing a bear can be full of tradition and myths.

Learn to pay attention to what your spirit guides are trying to show you and learn to take the message that the bear gives you to heart so that you can make changes in your life.


Bears are mammals that are strong and fast. Bears are very smart and since they are so strong and big, they are considered to be very powerful.

There are bears that are bigger and some are smaller such as polar bears or even panda bears. Bears have many special characteristics such as:

  • Strong sense of smell.
  • They can climb, run, swim, and jump even though they are large.
  • Bears can sniff out things.
  • Bears like to hibernate when it is winter, and they will return later to get food.
  • Bears are omnivores and they can eat both vegetables and meat.
  • These animals are at the top of the food chain, and they are apex and natural predators.
  • Bears are very protective of their young.

When you have a bear encounter, you need to pay attention to the different characteristics that bears have.

Bear Species

There are many different kinds of bears such as grizzly bears, panda bears, polar bears and more. Bears come with different characteristics and species and there are different characteristics that can help you to understand the message you get when seeing a bear:


A panda bear is a bear that is a vegetarian. They eat bamboo and they are survival bears. This kind of bear is a species of the subfamily, and they might show up when you need to survive something and be stronger.


Grizzly bears are bears that have been known in North America. They are brown bears that are large, and they have very large claws. These bears are stronger than black bears and they enjoy a diet of berries and meat.

Grizzly bears are dangerous to humans and if you see one in a dream, it can mean that you have some danger approaching you.

Black Bears

Black bears are found in North America, and they are smaller than grizzly bears. These bears are not as dangerous to humans, but they should not be bothered. If you see a black bear, it can mean that you need protection in your life.

Polar Bears

Polar bears are considered the biggest bears on Earth. These bears can survive in harsh weather and are often found in places that are very cold such as the Arctic Circle. These bears can survive in winds that are strong.

Polar bears are great swimmers and if you dream of a polar bear, you need to learn to adapt your life and be flexible in things that come to you.

Healing Spirit

A bear can represent great qualities such as courage, leadership, strength and more. If you are a good leader, then you need to have certain skills in order for people to follow you. You cannot be forceful or rude and you need to always make sure that you are grounded.

When you ask your bear to help you, your spirit animal can come and heal you and help you if you are weak and need strength.


The bear has been a symbol of the totem animal more than other animals in history. Many people from the shamanic culture associate the bear with healing and with women.

There are different cultures that see the bear as important, and this is because bears have strong gifts to heal wounds and parts of the body that are hurt.

A bear has strong claws, and they can dig deep between life and death and help you when you need protection.

Other Cultures

There are many cultures that connect with the bear. The Celts believe that the bear is considered a protector and the Greeks and Romans believe that the bear is there to help with fertility.

Vikings and people in North America see the bear as a warrior and they even have been known to wear bearskins in order to fight and to hunt. The Norse warriors would wear things called “berserkers,” and this means “bear suits” because they were made out of bear skin.

Some Native American tribes use the bear as a symbol of strength and healing. They have used the bear as medicine and for wisdom. Some of the tribes will wear charms of the bear so that they can keep it close to them.

Spirit Animal

Animals can be spirit animals and if you have certain abilities, chances are that you have a spirit animal that is strong. If you are always seeing a bear in your dream, this could mean that the bear is your spirit guide.

The bear can be there to help you through cycles of life and if you need healing or grounded, you might realize the importance of the bear. The bear can help you to heal and help you to have rest that you need. The bear is a healer and if the bear becomes your spirit animal, chances are that you need help through things in your life.

A totem animal is an animal that you will be drawn to. This can be something that you want to buy such as rugs, or statues or pictures of. You will want to surround yourself with this animal and you will be courageous when you see this animal. This animal might be seen where you live.

Having an animal as your spirit guide can help you to figure out things in your life and help to give you inner strength and healing. You can get the support you need by having a spirit animal.

Bears and Dreams

Dreaming is the way that your spirit guides can connect with you. If you have dreams that involve a bear, you might be curious about why you are having this dream. Chances are that the bear is your spirit animal and that you are connecting with the bear in your spirit.

You can meditate and ask your guides to give you more information and to send you messages in your life so that you can be stronger and healthier in your life.