Phone Number and Numerology

Phone Number and Numerology

Pythagoras, a scholar from ancient times created numerology because he wanted people to be able to do things that was not taken over by religion or by politics. He wanted his teachings to make sense to others and his teachings taught people to know who they were and when they did, they would know what the universe had for them.

Numerology is the importance of numbers. Some numbers in our lives are full of energy. Each number is different from the other numbers and each one represents something else. The numbers in numerology have their own vibrational frequency. These numbers give you meanings to life and help you to know what you should be doing in your life and where you should go.

Some numbers are there to help you study things in your life. These numbers can be your phone number, your house number, a name of someone you know and more.

These numbers can help you to be happy and secure in your life and to have strong emotions. If you want to figure out what your phone number energy is, you have to take your whole phone number. When we say take up your whole phone number, that includes the area code.

Take this number and add the numbers together so it is one digit. This can help a business to know what kind of numbers they should use so that they can have the right kind of energy when they open their business.


Take the number 1-800-723-7790.

Add all the numbers up and you get 44. 44 can be broken down to 4+4 which equals 8. When you look at the number 8, you find that this is a number that is all about the mind. It is a creative number that leads people to be successful.

This number means infinity in math and is a geometric symbol called lemniscate. This symbol has no end and can have a lot of potential, and this means you can have so much potential in your life. This number is creative and connected to the powers of others and being a leader.

Your Number

Take your number and add all of the digits up and see what the numbers tell you:


If your number is one, this means you can depend on yourself. It can mean you are full of vision, and you are a leader. You impress people with how positive and creative you are, and you are not afraid of anything.


The number two means you will work well with others. It shows a gentle and friendly side and means you are able to help others along your way. You will be there for family and friends, and you can counsel them if they need you.


The number three means you are sociable, and you love to talk to others. You have little to worry about and you are artistic and beautiful. This means you will have a lot of friends.


The number 4 means you are strong, and you have good organizational skills. You want things to be perfect and you are connected to the universe. You will see this number if you work too much.


The number 5 is the complete opposite of 4 and is there when you want to be free and you do not have to be tied down to work. This is a loving number and can be for fun.


The number 6 means you are creative, and you are loving to your family. You are responsible with things you need to do, and you take care of the health and mentality of others.


The seven is a mystical number. You might be a teacher or a spiritual leader if you have this number. You will be detailed, and you will look for mystery in life.


The number 8 means that you are authoritative, but you have dreams. You want to be independent, but you also are smart and strong. You will do good in sales or in your own business with this number.


The number 9 means that you are caring and loving to others. You have strong spiritual energy, and you believe in people over things. You are religious and you love your life and honesty.


Add up your numbers and see what your phone number tells you about yourself.