Using Witchcraft as a Hobby


Do you feel that doing magic or witchcraft is just something else that you are trying to add to your busy life? We already have busy lives with taking care of our families, working, taking care of ourselves and more. When you add something else, it can be overwhelming in your life. Sometimes you have to figure out how to add things together so that you can have more time and get more things done without overstressing yourself.

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed in life, you will see that you can do witchcraft and add it to other things that you are already doing and then you won’t have to add one extra thing. If you feel that you have neglected your talents of spells and magic, try to add this to your everyday life and see if you can use witchcraft each day and make your life even more magical than it already is.

Don’t Separate It

Your witchcraft isn’t something that you have to put in a separate box, but you can put it in things in your life that you do each day. You can do kitchen witchcraft which is adding your hobbies and things that you do in everyday life to your crafting. Stop thinking that your crafting has to be something completely separate. You have to stop seeing your crafting as a separate thing and add it to the ways that you interact in your own life each day.

If you are doing kitchen witchcraft, then you are using magic while you cook. You can do this by using herbs and certain foods and add magic to your recipes. You don’t have to do this each time that you cook but you can practice this in some of your cooking techniques.

You can also do magic in all of your other hobbies as well. If you knit, you can use knot magic or color magic or you can even meditate while you are working. Do you ever knit scarves? Have you ever made a protection scarf? Do you love to paint or draw things? You can do this while you are singing, moving, or chanting. Do you love to hike? Use your magic ingredients to make your nature outings more adventurous and to protect you from things such as snake bites and other dangerous things. Look at the opportunities that you have to incorporate your magic in all of your life.

Adding Witchcraft to Hobbies

When you think about your hobbies, you might think that witchcraft could never fit but that is not true. You can incorporate almost anything in your life with magic. You can even play games like poker and use magic while you do. Use your magic when you play sports to keep you from getting hurt.

The hardest part is to find out what kind of magic you can add to your hobbies so that you can do your practice and other things. Learn to be creative and think of things that you can do. Even if something sounds silly, try it anyways and see what happens.


You need to look at all the hobbies you have. Make a list if you want and see if you can see how, you can add magic to these hobbies. Hobbies are part of your life, and you need to start by writing down all of the things that you like to do, even ones that you cannot imagine that you can use magic with.

Then, pick out three of the things that you do the most. Which hobbies are you most attracted to, and which ones do you do the most? Look at how the hobbies work and see if you can add magic into them. Do this as many times as the hobbies that you list to see what you can come up with.

Brainstorm Your Ideas

Now you have to find ways to be creative in ways that you can add magic to your hobbies. Find the hobbies that you have listed and see if they fit with what is listed below:


  • Use color magic by picking your yarn colors.
  • Use knot magic while you weave.
  • Enchant your needles so that they work better.
  • Turn your knitting time into meditation time.
  • Use knitting to talk to your spirit guides.
  • Use knitting to keep your mind connected with your ancestors.
  • Knit when you are worried and banish the worry.
  • Knit spells to keep you safe.


  • Make charms to keep you safe.
  • Use the paddling to create a meditation rhythm.
  • Connect with the spirits of the nature.
  • Use weather magic to change the weather.
  • Use this as a time to talk to the water gods.


  • Put magic on the strings so they don’t break.
  • Put magic out on your guitar so it will stay in tune.
  • Use the instrument to make rhythm spells.
  • Write an incantation song.
  • Play music to your gods.
  • Play a ritual song.
  • Put sigils on your guitar case.

Come up with as many different ideas that you can so that you can use magic in your hobbies. Some will be easy, and some will use a lot of your energy to create. Some hobbies that you have can connect to the gods or your ancestors without much work and you can even use these hobbies to meditate with.

There are times that you will be able to do what you like to do and there are times where you will be so busy that you have to learn to put things together. No matter what is happening you can learn effective ways to keep your magic strong.


Now you have to come up with your own magic ideas. You can find out what your hobby is and google it and see if any witchcraft comes with this hobby. There are things such as music witchcraft and it can help you to get new ideas.

You can understand how magic can work with anything that you do, and you might even find spells that you can use with your hobbies. Knitting, sewing, making paper things all can be used with magic, and you can find the information online.

If your hobby is playing sports, exercising, or working on cars, you will have a harder time to find information, but you can still use things such as spells to make your hobbies strong or to keep you safe.

You can maybe get lucky and find a spell that can give you luck when you gamble or when you play sports, or you can look at the technology witchcraft to help you when you are working on cars.

Some hobbies have many books written on magic and how you can turn your creativity into magic right before your eyes. You can do things such as art or sigil magic, music magic and more. Some of these things work right with your spiritual practices and once you start researching you will find what you need to find.

Try It

Once you get your ideas, you need to try them out and see how they work. This can be exciting for you and can help you to open your world up to new opportunities. You can put your magic in your hobbies, and you can make sure that you are using your witchcraft in everything in your life. You are trying to find a way that you can fit this in without getting overwhelmed or giving up on what you love. Your hobbies should be things that you love to do so don’t make it hard by doing witchcraft if it doesn’t make you excited.

When you are trying to use magic in your hobbies need to make sure that it doesn’t take away from you loving your hobby which is the first thing to concentrate on. Meditating while you do activities can help you to focus more on the hobby and can help you to love it even more.

You can even add chants or incantations when you do certain hobbies, and you will see that using your magic can be good for you. If your hobbies start to become work though, you need to calm down and back off. You don’t want to take the fun out of your hobbies and make them like jobs. You need to focus the time that you have on doing your magic while you are having fun.

Make sure that your foremost idea is to love your hobby and to make your hobby fun and exciting. Then you can put magic into it while you still love it. Find the different ideas you have and find out which ones you love, and which ones feel exciting to you.

Your witch crafting should be fun to you and when you add hobbies to it, you should love it even more and it should bring joy in your life.