Know the Different Types of Intuition

Understanding the Different Types of Intuition

People are always trying to get information so that they can understand what to expect in a psychic reading. The idea of intuition is that it talks to you and allows you to know things without any concrete information. There are four main intuitions that are often talked about, and these include clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance.

Some people are stronger int heir giftings than others, but everyone can increase their intuition by developing their gifts. Find out what intuition you have and what you are best at:


Clairaudience is when someone can hear something, but it is not through the sense of hearing but in the mind. This is not the same as someone that has a mental disorder or an imbalance, but this is when you can hear a voice that is giving you information. The voice will be calm and strong.

Messages that come to clairaudients during a reading will be things such as “ask for the promotion,” and will normally be something that is short and to the point. The message can even just be a symbol or a number. A clairaudient might get a message from someone that is blocked because of a traumatic event, or the client might get a message to answer what step they should take next in their life.

When someone comes for a reading and they are hearing their name being called but no one is there, this means that their third eye is opening, and they have the potential to be clairaudient.


People that are considered to be clairvoyant are considered to be psychic. These messages will come as visions or as scenes in the mind. These can be strong messages and images and they can cause the person getting them to feel shaky and even scared at time. This can be a gift that leaves the receiver feeling uneasy or unstable.

A client that is looking to start a new business might see little fish swimming and they should be waiting for a bigger or better “fish” or offer. The wind can mean that change is not predictable, and they should wait but each message will be different.

Always pay attention to images that come to your mind and work on your abilities. Be patient because your gift will grow over time.


The clairsentience messages will come as an emotion or a gut feeling. If you sense the energy in a room before you go in or you believe you are about to get a phone call and then you do, chances are you are clairsentient. This kind of gift can leave you feeling outgoing and serious all at the same time.

Messages for clients are important and if a client has a sickness, they will want to figure out what their issues are. This can be hard for a psychic because the emotions are sometimes closed off.

When you get a strong feeling about something, learn to journal it. After you do this for so long, learn to recognize these messages and you will pick up more on them as you go.


If you want to know if you have a child that is sensitive, you can try to remove blocks that happen to you. Learn to pay attention to what you are feeling and when your intuition comes, it will happen, and you will have to understand what message you are getting.

When you are trying to figure something out, but you are confused, you can ask your intuition to give you answers and know that your guides are always listening to you.

Intuition is an important gift, and everyone has this gifting. Do not be afraid of getting in touch with who you are and tuning into your intuition.