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Tips for Interpreting Clairvoyant Images

Tips for Interpreting Clairvoyant ImagesClairvoyance—literally, “clear seeing”—is among the most common intuitive extrasensory abilities. Clairvoyance involves receiving images in your mind. If you’re psychic, these images originate in the other person’s aura. If you’re a medium, you receive the images from the spiritual realm.

Though clairvoyance is common, it can be very difficult to correctly interpret clairvoyant images. In many ways, it’s easier to interpret intuitive information received through other senses. For example, clairaudients hear messages. So, during a reading, the clairaudient may hear a voice say, “My name is Rose.” It’s obvious that they have Rose with them. On the other hand, when a clairvoyant perceives an image of a rose, it could mean many very different things: Does it stand for the name Rose? Or is it a symbol of something else, like love? Love from who? Is the color of the rose significant? Or the location of the rose? Was it in a wedding bouquet, or on a casket at a funeral?

So you see, correctly interpreting clairvoyant images takes a lot of practice and a lot of work.

Is It Just My Imagination?

When you begin working to develop your intuitive abilities, you won’t necessarily know if the thoughts or images in your head are anything psychic or intuitive, or if they’re just random thoughts originating in your own mind. The good news is that at the beginning stages, it doesn’t really matter. Describe the images you see, then ask if they make sense to anybody. As you develop your intuitive abilities, you’ll learn to distinguish between clairvoyance and imagination. This will get easier with practice.

Is the Image Literal?

When an image intuitively appears in your mind, the first thing to figure out is if it’s literal or symbolic. This can be fairly obvious. For instance, if you see a person, describe as much detail as possible. It’s likely that you’re seeing a literal image. Images of scenery are also likely to be literal. Generally speaking, the more details the images have, the more likely it is that they literally correlate to real things. The more incomplete or vague the image appears, the more likely it is that it’s symbolic.

As you develop your intuitive abilities, it helps to develop a personal list or journal of significant or recurring symbols. Through trial and error, this will help you catalog the signs and symbols that your spirit guides use that always mean the same thing.

For example, you may often perceive a large dog. While perusing your journal, you may see that previous appearances of this image indicated that the person you were talking to was need of protection and loyalty, not that a large dog was attempting to communicate with them. Or, you may establish that you’ll see certain colors to indicate if your spiritual communication is from the client’s parent, sibling, grandparent, or partner.

These symbols will be absolutely unique to you. They won’t match the symbols that other clairvoyants use. The sooner you begin to recognize and develop your list, the better. Always record and write about your intuitive effort.

When You Don’t Know

If your image seems not to be literal, but you aren’t quite sure what it symbolizes, you have several options.

  • Ask your spirit guides for clarification. Ask them to show you the same thing in a different way.
  • Consider that the image may be significant to you. For example, if you see your calendar, you may need to tell your client that you’re sensing they’ve got too many things going on right now, and they need to take a break.
  • Try to figure out if the image relates to something about which the spirit felt strongly. If you perceive the image of an apple, does that mean your communicator was a health-food fanatic? Or, did he or she really dislike apples?

If none of these options help, simply tell your client exactly what you’re seeing. If you see a green circle and you don’t know what it may mean, just describe it. It may be significant to your client, such as in a jewelry design or as part of a logo. You couldn’t possibly have made sense of it without prior knowledge.

Accurately interpreting clairvoyant images can be quite tricky. But don’t give up. The key is to keep trying!

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