The Power of Crystal Energy Readings

Crystal Energy Readings

A crystal energy reading can clarify your future path by accessing the dynamic realm of crystals. It sounds like magic, but it’s more like therapy. The experience can be transformational. The process uses crystal energy to shatter your misconceptions and open you up into a more basic state. From this uninhibited spiritual and mental plane, you’ll be better able to clear the energy inhibitors that have been blocking your personal progress and growth.

The experience begins by selecting from a large grouping of unique crystals. It continues by delving into your intuitive self to explore what drew you to the specific crystal energy you chose, and what your deepest subconscious realms are attempting to communicate to you because of your selection. Your chosen crystal shares the story of you from the depths of your subconsciousness.

Subconscious Mindsets

Our subconscious minds are powerful. A positive subconscious mindset allows us to dream big, to have faith, and to love unconditionally. A neutral subconscious mindset causes us to weigh your options, to be patient, and to take the time to breathe. A negative subconscious mindset forces us to live in fear and doubt, compelled by past influences like addictions and emotional wounds.

A crystal energy reading can help you discern which subconscious mindset you’re living in. The crystals have the power to enlighten you through the story that their energy exposes. Once your story is exposed, it’s easier to see what causes you to get stuck, why you’re living in the past, or why you self-sabotage your potential for success.

This knowledge is power. You can start anew and begin again every single day. Freedom to change results from an awareness of what you’re doing that holds you back. The crystals are a powerful conduit of messages with personalized plans of action, which will help you reach your goals. The best way to manifest abundance, health, and long-term happiness is by making conscious daily changes and by having clarity on your desired outcome.

Crystal energy readings truly are healing, transformative, life-changing experiences. People often compare the benefits of a single one-hour crystal energy reading to the results of ten therapy sessions. After the crystal reading, they feel balanced, hopeful, and empowered.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about crystal energy readings.

Who offers crystal energy readings?

There are many options to receive a crystal energy reading. A reading can be done in person or remotely online. Some readers even offer crystal energy readings over the telephone.

How long are crystal energy readings last?

Most crystal energy readings last for 60 to 75 minutes. After your first reading, subsequent readings may be shorter.

Are crystal energy readings the same as psychic readings?

Crystal energy readings are completely different from fortune-telling, tarot, card, or psychic readings. Crystal energy readings are not intended to obtain future predictions or about future outcomes.

They about the current moment, the here and now, and to offer guidance on showing up for your own life and creating the outcomes you desire. Crystal energy readings are an empowering, transformational, and spiritual approach to rediscover your personal power and let go of what no longer serves you.

How much do crystal energy readings cost?

Each crystal energy reader will have a different fee schedule for their services. Readings typically include personal intention clarification, a crystal stone analysis, identification of your strengths that are serving your spiritual purpose, advice on releasing your belief systems that are no longer serving you, individualized goal setting and formulation of a future plan of action, and a personal crystal. Therefore, the rates and fees are higher than the more common psychic and tarot card readings.