Psychics and Clairvoyant Psychics

Psychics and Clairvoyant Psychics

Many of us put the term “psychics” to mean “clairvoyant psychics.” This is an absolute misunderstanding. Not all psychics are clairvoyant psychics, although quite a few of them are.

Clairvoyant means clear vision or clear seeing. These types of psychics rely a great deal on their inner vision or third eye for psychic readings. They see things beyond the veil. Clairvoyants often see colors, symbols and images of people, places, or things in their mind’s eye.

Discussing their visions with you can help provide you with the answers you seek. The former is a playoff of the five basic senses of touch, taste, seeing, hearing, and smelling. The sixth sense goes beyond all these into extrasensory perception.

The “third eye” refers to the pineal gland, which has been recognized as a gland relevant to mystic and superstitious beliefs. Some people believe the pineal gland has shrunk to its current size as a result of neglect, which would explain why not everyone has the gift of clairvoyance even though they are equipped with the means to develop this skill.

The Difference Between Psychics and Clairvoyant Psychics

Psychics may employ a wealth of techniques to gain information about the metaphysical world and pass this onto you. Clairvoyant psychics do this as well but the information they gain is a result of their ability to see further than what the five basic senses dictate.

As mentioned earlier, psychics who use a varied amount of divination methods may be clairvoyant psychics also, but it is not a requirement. Some psychics read tarot and excel in interpreting the cards for you but do not go beyond that. Clairvoyant psychics often do not even need to use tools outside of their own third eye (unless they wish to for more distinct results).

Clairvoyant psychics receive information in a variety of ways: flashes of images, dreams, aural manifestations, sensations that guide them, etc. They can describe these “visions” to you – visions of your past, present, and future for validation. The proof of their talents lies in these validations. The accuracy of their gifts can easily be verified by contacting clairvoyant psychics who are experienced and truly in touch with what some call “the other side.”

How Can Clairvoyant Psychics Help Me?

In a multitude of ways! Not only does it help to have just anyone to talk to about what is going in your life, but it also does *that* much more when the person you are speaking with is an empathic individual who is in touch with his or her spiritual side. Simply talking to a psychic can be a therapeutic act in itself because of the type of people who usually get involved in such work.

On top of this, if you decide to get a reading with a clairvoyant psychic, he or she will deliver answers without hesitation due to this gift of “clear visions.” It is so easy to find yourself confused when the spontaneity of life brings new challenges your way, but that is what these talented individuals are here for. The thoughts that have sat muddled and mixed up in your head will come to them with such clarity that you will wonder why you had not thought to see a psychic before!

Seeking Guidance from a Psychic

Think about it: someone or something has brought you to the point in your life where you are seeking further guidance from a clairvoyant psychic. This already is a step in a direction that will forever change your life and your relationships with yourself and others.

You are seeking out answers and some force has brought you to consider speaking with clairvoyant psychics, who can provide you with even more answers! Many people find that employing a clairvoyant psychic’s services helps them heal more completely and work through rough experiences. You stand to lose nothing and to gain much, if not everything!