The Advantage of Telepathy


There were a lot of experiments done at colleges and private institutions all the way through the world on human telepathic capabilities. A lot of these were marginally successful, with the exception of those few people who showed astonishing natural ability and receive another person’s thoughts. These were conducted by using the “receiver” in one place and the “transmitter” in another location.

The Transmitter

The transmitter stared at a picture of one of five geometric symbols (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and star) while the receiver wrote down their imitations of what was being conveyed. There will be a one out of five possibility that the receiver will get the answer right when five geometric figures are used, even by guessing.

If the receiver gets a considerably high percentage accurate, this is a sign that the receiver has an on top of normal clairvoyant and telepathic capability, or perhaps that the sender is a very strong transmitter.

Twin Telepathy

Twin Telepathy according to some psychic readers is the telepathic abilities displayed by twins. Twins are often telepathic from when they are very young infants they are in the same frequency at the same time and learn to communicate with words as infants twins telepathy often is about a single thought – the feeling of hunger, later twins use it as a form of instinctive communication.

Twin telepathy or telepathy between close family members can remain functioning for a life time. To learn telepathy between family members can result in faster success.

When We Use Telepathy

Our use of telepathy begins quickly after we are born, and it is our parents who begin teaching us how to use this natural ability. Parents of young children instinctively attain the first telepathic contact with the child by mimicking the child’s noises to draw out a physical response from the child.

This interaction gets the child to notice, and the child’s awareness is on observing the thoughts and feelings being projected by the parents. It is during this early telepathic interaction that we first utilized our psychic ability to receive thoughts and feelings.

The World and Telepathy

Some people believe that telepathic gifts are fake while others have experienced this phenomenon on their own. The universe gives different gifts for us to use, and telepathy is one of those gifts.

If you are telepathic, practice this gift and see if you can continue to develop the gift so that you can use it to help others.