Stopping Your Psychic Abilities

Stopping Your Psychic Abilities

Your chakra energy can sometime overwhelm you because your chakra is the center of all of your feelings, emotions, ideas, and love.  The chakras are always getting energy from the universe and will send you signals that are like a radio signal.

In past times before airplanes and other technology, the chakra was more helpful because it would send signals that would help people to pay attention to what is going on around them and would help them to connect.  People lived a lifestyle where they would migrate based on their chakra energy.

Now, the chakra does still help us with our social interactions by helping people to communicate and understand things, and, if you are very sensitive the chakra can cause you to feel that you are overwhelmed.

If you think of the chakra like a radio, you know that a radio signal will sometimes have static and will sometimes not have much of a station at all and your chakra is a lot like that, trying to help you to communicate with others and the universe.

Turning Down Your Chakra

If you are very sensitive, you might find that you need to tune down your chakra for a while.  When you do this, it can help you to have more energy and give you more time to focus on yourself.  Doing this can help you to decrease your environmental intuition and can help you get well and healthy faster.

Turning down your chakra can be important if you are overwhelmed by other people’s health or sickness so that you can calm down and concentrate on your own health.

How to Turn it Down

One way to turn down your chakra is by the thermometer method.  This is when you close your eyes and begin to meditate.  Once you are there, you imagine a thermometer and a sign that says, “psychic abilities.”  You imagine cold wind blowing in and see in your mind the temperature going down.

Radio Dial

Another way to turn your chakra down is to put your hands in your lap with your palms to the sky.  Close your eyes and imagine that there is a radio with a dial in front of you.  Look at what level it is and then turn the dial down to a 1, 2 or 3.  When you turn the dial down, you will feel better. Make sure that you do not turn it to zero because you don’t want to ever turn your psychic abilities all the way off.

Chakra Lover

With this method, you close your eyes and take deep breaths.  You think about your third eye and imagine where you are most sensitive and tune to that.  Think about a pink rose and imagine it opening.  Once it is open, see what percent it is open.

If it is fully open, then you should see it and smell it.  Half open is when it is slightly closed but mostly open.  30% opened is almost bloomed.  10% opened is just a bud with a little bit of color. Ask your guide to help you to close the bloom so that only 20% is showing.  Do this for all of your chakras.


These methods can help you to stop feeling so much pressure and to stop being so overwhelmed.  Try these processes and you can get your own energy back before giving it back into the universe.