Spiritual Healing and How it Works

Spiritual Healing

Doctors have often questioned the idea of spiritual healing, and some believe that this is nonsense. Some people have pain that brings despair to their lives and causes them to feel abnormal and not to be able to do things that they want to do.

Sensitivity to Forces

Some people are forced to be bedridden and not live a normal life. Some people have senses that are very sensitive, and it sounds like someone is shouting when they are speaking or maybe they have a light sensitivity that makes everything painful.

Losing Happiness in Suffering

When you suffer, it can be hard for you to allow a disease to rid you of your happiness and your desire to live. Sometimes you will find that you are forced to live places that you don’t want to live such as back at home with your parents or in a hospital or nursing home. You might find that you are becoming weaker as time goes by or you might get diagnosed with a debilitating disease.

Conventional Medicines

There are medicines that are conventional but what if they don’t work? What if you have seen doctors over and over again and you are still in the same condition that you were at the beginning. What if there is no cure for the sickness that you have been diagnosed with?

Seeing a Holistic Doctor

After people have tried everything else, some people decide to try to go to a holistic doctor and to see what they can get out of it. Some of the doctors will see them and will have you to relax and do other treatments. What if this happens and the pain is instantly gone?

Some people get this kind of healing, and they return over and over to make sure that their healing continues. Some have even come out of a wheelchair and recovered from chronic pain that they had had for years.

Research Behind Holistic Healing

Researchers have often dismissed the idea of holistic healing but according to science, there are some evidence that can show that spiritual healing is real.

Some doctors do not understand it and so they choose to ignore it, but it is a practice that is practiced all over the world. This is something that has been investigated for years and mostly it started int eh 1960’s when doctors begin focusing on healing by taking away negative thoughts.

Animal Testing and Growth

This showed that negativity retarded the growth of many cases and scientists begin to test their theory on animals to see if being positive healed them quicker.

In some studies, animals recovered faster after they had been given positive words and feelings. Some recovered faster than ever, and some were completely healed.

Faster Recovery and Longer Survival

People that use spiritual healing seem to have better results than those that do not. Some of them recover faster and some of them survive longer than others. Some are less sick, and others become powerful and strong in their lives.

Fraudulent Healing

Doctors often believe that holistic healing is fraudulent, but they do see that this can be real, and they are sometimes forced to accept this and to go with the evidence of healing thoughts. Some focus on people that have debilitating diseases that have used healing energy and they found that the people were healed and changed in their body and mind.

Increased Blood and Changes in the Brain

They found that their blood increased, and their brain activity changed. Patience felt warmer and they felt that they were healed and stronger than before the treatments. Not only this, but their spirit rose and made them be more positive and feel happier which resulted in having to take less drugs or antidepressants and they were able to sleep better.

Some that were cancer patients were healed and were able to recharge and to be stronger in their body and mind.

Even though holistic healing is a mystery, some doctors have begun to believe in this practice. What do you believe? Find out what works for you and what makes your mind and body at peace.