Signs of Past Lovers

Signs of Past Lovers

Have you ever met someone and immediately you felt like you have known them forever?  If this has happened to you, there is a chance that they might have been your past love from a different life.

When you meet someone from your past life, it can be confusing but if you think that you have found a lover from a past life, there are signs you can look for to really know.

Strong Connection

If you feel a strong and instant connection when you meet someone for what seems like the first time, you will see you are drawn to them and you are immediately linked to them.  You have emotions that seem to be communicating with them and you might find that you feel things that you have never felt about someone so fast before.

Know What’s Next

Since you have known them before, you are familiar with what they are doing and thinking, and you might find that you can guess what they will do or say next. When you know what the other person is feeling, this is a strong sign that you know each other’s souls.

Distance and Time

People sometimes feel a strain in a relationship when they are distanced by someone for a long period of time. When you have met a past lover, this is not the case.  No matter what or where that person is, you will feel that they are right beside of you.


When you are calm and comfortable with your partner, chances are you have been with them before.  You will feel comfortable and at ease with them. You will not fault them for the things that they do, and you will learn to understand and love their habits.  The love will be unconditional and strong.


Some people that have a past lover will actually remember things from a different time and place.  You might share memories with your past lover, and these can be things including jobs or a past life. Not everyone can remember these events but some people can and they can be different types of memories.

  • Unconscious-these memories are ones that are about a specific thing and the reaction is form a past life. You and your partner might both feel these things and not be able to explain why.
  • Reactions-when you react to a person and have the same instant feelings, this means you have both experienced each other in the past life.
  • Emotional feelings-when you have strong emotions about someone, this can be from a memory that you cannot recall in your present life.


You will want to share everything that you have with this person, and you will keep no secrets.  It will be natural to love them and to be open with them. This might not always be the case when you have a past lovers because you will not know how to feel about the emotions that you have right when you meet.

Time Speeds Up

When you are with your past lover, you will see that time will fly by.  You will always be happy with them, and you will forget about time as it goes on.


When you first meet this person again, you will have emotions that you cannot explain.  You might be calm and excited and overwhelmed, all at the same time. These feelings are strong and fast and will reside deep inside of you.

Spiritual Connection

One of the biggest things about a past connect is that your soul is connected.  You will feel things that are familiar right from the start. You will have the same ideas and views and you will talk for hours about your spiritual feelings.


This person will make you feel that you can be who you are and that you can love yourself.  You will not be a fake person and you will realize things that make you feel alive and happy.


Every soul will have its own journey and we will come by people every day that might have a connection to our past life.

While you have to learn your own life lessons, sharing with others and having encounters of the soul can be all a part of your learning lesson.  This can be a beautiful time in your life.