Series of Clairvoyant Abilities

Clairvoyant Abilities

If you are interested in learning the distinct types of extrasensory perceptions or in developing your intuitive gifts, then being in possession of a series of clairvoyant abilities and being aware of how they perform is a must.

The clairs are the main types of clairvoyant abilities. We receive intuitive guidance through these ways. We receive information in various distinct ways in the physical world.  It doesn’t matter how you receive the information as long as you get it.

This is just the same with our intuitive gifts. Clairvoyant messages can be received in many distinct ways. This is nice, isn’t it? Major Intuitive Abilities include some of these listed such as:

Clairvoyance- clear seeing

It means an inner seeing. It is the least comprehended gift on clairvoyant abilities lists. It is also the one that people are aware of. It is like watching a movie.

Clairvoyance can be very subtle. Like, you can see a color or a symbol and might not know what they mean, this shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Clairsentience- clear feeling

It involves the receiving of messages intuitively through feelings, physical sensations or emotions.

It is very simple to know if somebody is lying to you if you are clairsentient. You’ll just feel it. You will also be able to feel when someone is ailing especially physically.

Clairaudience- clear hearing

Clairvoyant abilities can never be complete without clairaudience. It involves receiving messages intuitively without necessarily using the ears physically. I can explain.

Contemplate clairaudience as an inner hearing. You might hear a voice in your head suddenly saying, “go right!” or “stop!”

When a sensitive individual such as a medium or psychic is clairaudience, they have the ability to perceive things that others can’t such as voices of the spirit, sounds, and even music.

Like, spiritual mediums are frequently clairaudient. This means that they are able to hear phrases, words, and names from those have died. They are likely to hear a spirit speaking inside his or her own head in her own voice.

Claircognizance- clear knowing

This involves being aware of something without having facts or making sense. You can also view it as an inner knowing.

It’s a very essential extrasensory perception. Therefore, it’s definitely in the top four. These feelings can be very strong. They can also just pop randomly in your head.

Less Common Intuitive Abilities

Clairalience-clear smelling

This involves being able to smell things out of the ordinary. Such as perfume of a loved one who died.

Other times, the spirit of a person who passed away can fill a room where people are so that their presence can be felt. I’m not aware of how they do this but quite a number of people find this very comforting.

Clairgustance-clear tasting

This is the last one on our series. This is an inner tasting, meaning, tasting something without putting it in your mouth. This is mostly encountered by mediums when giving a reading.

There are many different psychic gifts that a person can have and the most common are the clair gifts that are listed above. Which clair gift do you have?