Seeing Into the Future

Seeing Into the Future

It took years with hundreds of participants to offer evidence that humans have some ability in order to anticipate the future. One of the biggest forms of ESP and precognition is intriguing to them and this is magical.  One of the professors of psychology will publish an article in the American Psychological Association’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in the future to talk about how the mind works and how seeing into the future is.

Looking Into the Psychic and Spiritual World

This notion shows that the psychical and the spiritual world are amazing and that they are so technical that they blow the minds even of psychics to the point where they want to become psychologists so they can understand these gifts more.

Understanding How the Mind Works

Many researchers are stumped, and they doubt that psychologists do not know what is going on and that they do not understand how the mind works.  They feel that this methodology is false, and that people cannot see into the future.  But Bem, who was a psychologist became interested in the scientific study of psychic gifts and when he asked to figure out the methodological flaws and extrasensory perception, but he couldn’t figure out any flaws in it.

Research from Psychologist Bem

The research that he did was done with his other fellow psychologists and he did experiments that were helping him to figure out the phenomena of psychology.  He felt that there is a measured response to the stimulus and that some experiments done by the participants showed that there is equipment that is similar to a lie detector that is able to measure emotions, and this can help to bring up images of negative and positive images that help to determine reading into the future.

The Mind and Pictures

Your mind changes when you see certain pictures or if you watch certain movies.  It is amazing how the picture changes like a computer screen and how you are able to see upcoming events in your thoughts without even realizing it.

Testing the Memory

One of the nine experiments that Bam did, showed that there will be future events and that there were tests given that people will retype words as they could remember them and the computer will pick different words form the list and have the participants see what they could remember.  Some remembered more words and were able to practice the words while others could not put the words in order, and they did not practice them earlier on in the test.

The 9 Experiments of Psychic Powers

All of the nine experiments but one showed that the hypothesis of psychic powers exist.  The odds are combining results that shows that the statistics are flukes up to 74 billion to 1, according to Bem. Here are some other things that psychologists Bem believed:

  • Bem believed throughout his career that the experiments on telepathy showed that there are things that are interesting and that could affect people in their psychological life.  They are fortunate to have the freedom to be able to study psychic gifts and how they fit in the mind.
  • Bem who retired in 2007 found it unusual for him to work on one thing for eight years but decided that it needed to be studied to the fullest extent.  He did experiments because he felt that there was research that could prove that precognition was real.  He wanted to try these experiments and after he was able to get positive results, he was enthusiastic about the work that he had done.
  • Bem believed what he had done but he even realized that he was stronger when he saw them work and that affected him differently than just writing about it.

The experiments that Bem did made him see that he was able to prove, at least to himself, that psychic powers do in fact exist.