Psychic Abilities in Your Life

Psychic Abilities in Your Life

When your psychic abilities finally work in your life, it can be some of the best times of your life.  One thing though, you will notice that using your psychic abilities can drain you from your energy and it is important that you develop your skills so that you can learn how to control them and how to turn them off when you do not need to use them.

Shutting Off Your Psychic Feelings

When you have a psychic ability, it can be like noise always going off in your ears.  When you tap into your feelings, it means that you have vibrations that are going off at higher rates than other people and you become very sensitive to what is going on around you. Here are some things you need to know:

  • You have to learn to control your abilities so that you can turn them down when you need to, or you will be in a constant state of sensitivity.
  • Your mind will open to other people’s vibrations, and this can drag you down and cause you to be anger or sad because of what people around you are feeling.
  • You also become vulnerable to people that suck your energy or psychic vampires.  You can lose your focus on what you really need to be doing such as work or going out with friends.  It will feel like you are always somewhere else.
  • You will pick up feelings such as hearing voices, or you will read people’s emotions strongly and it can cause you to be reclusive while you are trying to protect yourself from information overload.
  • You might feel tired because of the high vibrations that are attached to your physical body.

Cleansing Yourself

There is a way that you can cleanse yourself from negative energy that you pick up from other people. The first step is to sit quietly and meditate.  You need to get rid of the negative energy that you have built up.

You must visualize all of the energies being trapped in your body and then imagine that a whirlwind is building up in the room that you are in.  When the whirlwind rises up, ask the universe to take away all of your negative energies and send it from your body.  You need to take as long as you need in order to do this until you are truly cleansed.

Psychic Control

Once you are cleansed, you have to figure out how to shield yourself and control your energies.  You need to make sure you are surrounded by the White Light Shield of Protection, and you can do this by imagining that you are putting up a real shield.

You then imagine that you have a knob that will control your own vibrations where you can easily access it to turn it up or down.  When you tap into your abilities, you can turn the dial up so you can get the energies of others.  Make sure the dial is down when you are finished doing your psychic work for the day.

Turning the knob down will keep you from getting overwhelmed by outside energies.  If you find that your energies are going crazy inside, you need to center yourself and not open your chakras up too high.  You need to make sure your aura is safe and not torn.  Make sure that you use this information to help you on your road to your psychic abilities.