Protection from Demons

Protection from Demons

Demons or fallen angels will attack you when you are in spiritual warfare. There is always a good versus evil going on and they aren’t just made-up characters. Some believe that they are only in movies or video games, but they are real spirits that are dangerous, and they interact with you and cause you to be influenced by things.

Fallen angels will hurt you and can cause you to be tempted and can cause you mental illness to come in your life. They can also hurt you physically and can cause you to have bad things happen in your life. There are ways you can protect yourself from demons and here are some ways:

Know There is a Battle

You need to know that there is always a battle going on and there are fallen angels that want to influence you. They want you to struggle and want to hurt you and cause evil in your life.

Contacting Angels

You need to be careful when you are contacting angels on your own and make sure that you are not contacting evil spirits. You should get guidance when you want to reach out to your angels.

False Messages

Make sure that you know that you are receiving a good message and that you are not falling prey to false messages. Demons are liars and they will want to influence you with lies.

Test Them

Do not accept any message that you get from angels but make sure that you test the messages before you accept it. Test rather or not an angel is really a good angel and is communicating with good intentions and nothing negative.


Try to find someone to connect with that is a good person and a close friend. Let these people empower you and influence you and give you knowledge and understanding and be careful who you listen to.

Follow Leads

Here are some things that you need to do in order to make sure that you are safe and protected in your daily life:

  • Go places where there are good things and reflect on what choices that you make. Make sure that you are intentional on doing good and that you do not compromise what you believe.
  • Demons will always be trying to tempt you and good things will try to pull you from this. Possession can happen and it can cause you to be possessed and to become a victim to evil.
  • Make sure that you do not submit to evil and that you do not do things beyond what you will to do. There are forces that will try to make you do evil things and you will know if they are good or bad by what they try to get you to do.
  • Always pay attention to who you are and what you are listening to. Make sure that you ask other people that you know for guidance.

If you have questions, always seek your spirit guides to help you and to give you answers on what you should do. Remember, do not do spiritual work on your own if you have never done it before and make sure that you are sure you know what you are doing when doing it on your own.