Making Reiki Part of Your Every Day


Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy that is not exclusive to humans or animals but can be channeled into inanimate objects as well. The ways in which Reiki can be used in your everyday life is endless, but several of those ways will be shared in this article with a focus on the things that can be infused with the spiritual energy of Reiki.


Water can transform with energy. This happens as we speak, act, and think which microscopically shifts water. One doctor found that when water is exposed to pure intentions, thoughts, and speech the structure changes as it freezes.

Take that into consideration with the fact that our bodies are over 70% water, and you will realize that we can find harmony with Reiki infused water. Hover your hands around a bottle or glass of water, allowing Reiki to flow to infuse the water.


For a special way of elevating a space, try Reiki infused candles. As the candle burns it raises the vibrational levels in the space, making way for support. Hold the candle during meditation, while unlit and set the intention to give it to Reiki.


Crystals can absorb and store energy, but also generate it making them perfect for Reiki healing. Choose a crystal you connect with, hold it, and set the intention you wish for it to receive for that day. Allow Reiki to program the crystal and then carry the crystal with you all day, paying close attention to the effects on your energy. After observing, look up the stone’s meaning and see if your observations match.


This one may be shocking because electronics are solid, but even solid items have moving atoms. Use Reiki to fix your technology by using your energy to create harmony and balance. When you are ready to surrender to this life force, take some cleansing deep breaths, hold your palms over the electronic, call in a greater presence and take note of the flow of energy you create.


Our belongings take on the energy of our behaviors, actions, and thoughts. If we are resentful, like when making payments or when money is scarce, we can create a blockage around money in the form of cash or credit cards. Call for abundance by channeling Reiki and gratitude into your wallet. Commit to this for 40 straight days and watch as your relationship with money evolves over time.


Plants thrive with Reiki energy. Offer healing by placing your hands on the soil or even by sending distant Reiki to your outdoor garden. You may notice that you are also receiving healing energy from the plants because energy is exchanged constantly. Using Reiki with plants creates grounding and leaves us feeling more centered.


Reiki can create a protective energy that blocks, transmutes, or releases low vibrations that are stuck. You can visualize a golden or white energy around your vehicle to strengthen the energy field, but also help others feel at ease on the ride.


Using Reiki over your food for even a minute or two can increase the vibrational level of the meal. This can support the body breaking down the food and absorbing the nutrients. It is also a time of connection to the food and offering gratitude for the sacrifice. This can lead to a form of intuitive eating as well as learning to listen to what the body needs.


Infusing medications and supplements with Reiki can bring the lifeforce back into them, even after processing. Listen to the parts of what is being consumed and see if they have a message.


Laundry is a natural part of life, so the next time you are folding, consciously open your palms to share Reiki. Infuse these minor belongings with energy to feel aligned and supported. This also works with family members.


Your home needs peace and alignment. Sit in meditation, palms facing away from the chest and visualize your home so you can share Reiki. Create a protection around your home and keep negative energy at bay. This will help heal relationships and the people who are living there or have lived there in the past.

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

Essential oils are high in vibration, so they offer healing properties. Infusing them with Reiki and then using a diffuser can lift the vibration of a space quickly. You can also spray yourself after an oil has been Reiki infused.


Animals respond to Reiki energy. It is healing, just like with humans. Use your healing touch to help animals that have dealt with trauma.

Bath Salts

Bath salts are great for many things, including powerful cleansing. They absorb and then neutralize the noise stuck in our aura. When infusing the salts with Reiki, the effect is stronger. Infuse the salts and then bath with some of the infused salt for energetic hygiene.

Art/Music/Sports Supplies

Hobbies are wonderful outlets that can create alignment, but if we infuse our supplies with Reiki, it can be supportive of these creative endeavors. The energy creates a sacred space to pursue passions. Reiki energy can make us highly intuitive so we can be instinctive with our hobbies.


Elevate the space in which you rest and restore your being. Spend a couple minutes prior to bedtime to put your hands on your mattress and pillows to create an intention for a peaceful sanctuary. We spend so much time in this space, it is important to clear it.

Skin Care Products

We tend to use multiple skin care products daily. Reiki infused options are becoming increasingly available, but you can also create your own. Next time you are using your favorite product, allow Reiki to flow through your fingers as you affirm your beauty is shining from within.

Vision Board/Journal

After a Reiki attunement, send Reiki to and through your wishes by journaling them or creating a vision board of your deepest desires. The ritual helps set clear intentions to attract what we desire.


We can create an uplifting space by sending Reiki to a room or chosen altar. Add a healing component at the end of your next cleaning session as you visualize the space in pure light. Allow the energy of others to leave the set aside space.


Reiki infused jewelry allows you to easily receive healing when needed. After programming a piece of jewelry with Reiki, wear it as needed. Make sure you first clean the jewelry and then give it 3-5 minutes of Reiki daily.

Oracle Cards

Oracle decks can take on energy from multiple people when used often. They should always be cleared before a new reading. Share Reiki by holding the deck in your palms and witnessing the Reiki energy as it flows forth.

While we cannot use Reiki on all items each day, we can still incorporate Reiki into our daily lives very easily. Energy transforms and shifts our reality. Sending Reiki to different objects creates protection. Experiment with bringing Reiki energy into your life.