Journal Prompts for Psychic Gifts

Journal Prompts for Psychic Gifts

When you want to start a journal to help you to develop your giftings and to live your best life, it can be hard to know what to do. When you have psychic giftings, you will want to learn to practice these gifts and to learn to live your best life. You will want to trust yourself and learn how to build your self-esteem around your giftings.

Journal prompts can help you to know what you should write about and to help to get you started. You can look at books, read online articles and talk to other people that have psychic giftings to help to develop your gift. They can help you to grow and to be stronger in who you are.

When you journal, use the prompts to just get started and don’t just answer the questions. Be more mindful of what you are writing and consider following up with more than just an answer. Use your intuition to guide you as to what to write.

Prompts for Journaling

Here are some prompts that you can use to get you started in your psychic journaling:

  • What is the best psychic gift I have?
  • When was the first vision I had as a psychic?
  • What are three people that I know that are psychic?
  • What kind of crystals do I like to use?
  • What do I use to make my clair gifts stronger?
  • Which of the clair gifts do I have the most of?
  • How often do I do a reading?
  • What are my favorite tarot cards and why?
  • What do I do when I have different feelings about my giftings?
  • Do I think everyone is psychic?
  • Do I believe in free will?
  • Do I believe in destiny?
  • How do I understand karma?
  • Do I believe people can have a psychic touch?
  • How does destiny and karma go together?
  • What is a past life?
  • Do I Believe in a past life?
  • How does my past life make me less or more intuitive?
  • How many psychic people do I know?
  • Do I have a mentor?
  • Have I ever been afraid to talk about my psychic giftings?
  • Do I know anyone that had a bad psychic experience?
  • Can I ask a psychic to help me get over relationship problems?
  • How often do I meditate?
  • Do I have problems with meditation?
  • Do I ever consider using hypnotherapy?
  • Who are my favorite psychics?
  • Do I know anyone that is a psychic that I have a relationship with?
  • Am I an empath?
  • Do I have a way to develop my skills?
  • What are my favorite tools of divination?
  • What do I use the pendulum for?
  • What do I know about psychometry?
  • Do I keep a dream journal?
  • Do I feel like I have been in other people’s dreams?
  • What is my favorite energy healing?
  • Does being a psychic make me happy?
  • Do I believe in numerology?
  • Do I believe fate changes?
  • Do I believe in cleansing?
  • How often do I look at horoscopes?
  • Do I memorize the signs?
  • Has my intuition ever taken me to the wrong place?
  • What lessons have been a psychic taught me?
  • If I was a psychic what would my strongest gift be?
  • Do I do inner work?
  • What is a psychic healer?
  • Have I ever had a bad relationship?
  • Do I set boundaries?
  • What about my past life do I need to change?
  • Do I believe in unconditional love?

Get started journaling today and be the best psychic that you can be! Embrace your gifts and find peace and happiness!