Spiritual Guidance and Relationships

Spiritual Guidance and Relationships

Your spiritual guides are always with you rather you feel them there or not. They can come in different shapes and forms, but their goal is to help to protect you and keep you safe. The great thing about your guides is that they have been there before you were even born, and they are disincarnating spirits that means that most of them were once humans.

A good guide will be there for you and will never try to force you to make certain decisions, but they will let you have free will. They will never try to force themselves on you or deceive you, but they are there to encourage you, support you and love you. They want you to make good decisions that keep you safe and they want to help you achieve this.

If you want your guides to help you, you have to just ask. The relationship that you form with your spirit guides is important and you can get this relationship stronger just by being intentional with them.

Main Spirit Guide

Your main spirit guide is the spirit that comes to help you increase your psychic giftings such as mediumship. They will be there to help you to understand your abilities and to guide you in all things you do in your life.

Your guides will teach you and help you to learn and they will be there to support you in all things. Even when you tell your guides to leave you, they will leave you like you ask because they will do what you want them to and what you need them to.

A main guide will communicate with you and will feel like your best friend. They will connect with you, and you will form a strong relationship with them. They will know everything about you, and you will learn to know all about them. This guide can come in a different form such as a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker or more and they will help you to know what you are supposed to do and will help you to open up your mind.

You might not feel this way about them right away but as your spiritual plane comes and coincides with your spirit guide, you will see that you are setting your intentions on what your guide is telling you. You will meditate and you will be able to speak to your guide. Your guide expects you to show up and to talk to them and they will help to keep you strong, balanced, and grounded. They will protect you and do what you need, all you have to do is ask.

Your spirit guide will help you to reach your higher self. They will feel differently than other things in your life and you will always know that they are there for you. You will learn to love and trust them, and they will not let you down.

Communicating with Your Guide

There are different ways that you can communicate with your guide such as through meditation. If you were not born to be a medium, chances are you will have a better chance of talking to your guide through meditation. You need to devote a few hours each week to talk to them.


Journaling can help you to receive messages from your guides. Write down all the things you feel, see, hear, and sense and then read it over and over.


You can ask your guide to communicate with you through your dreams. When you first wake up after a dream, write it down so you can figure out what it means later.


You can ask your guides for signs, and these can come in the form of signs, music, numbers, or different tokens like feathers or coins.

When Your Guide is Around

You will learn to know when your guide is around you and here are some ways:

  • Finding feathers in strange places.
  • Having visions or hearing sounds or voices.
  • Vivid dreams.
  • Meditation visions.
  • Hearing your name said when no one is there.
  • Repetitive numbers.
  • Songs that you are relating to.
  • Animals crossing your path.
  • Automatic writing.
  • Feeling that they are with you.
  • Opportunities.
  • Lights, orbs, or flashes.

Grounding and Protection

You need to make sure that you are grounded and protected when you choose to do spirit work. You have to make sure that you are able to be protected. To do this, you can imagine a bubble covering you.

Do this when you meditate, and it will help to keep you safe. When you meditate and meet your guides, always ground yourself before and after so that you can reach your higher good.

Visually Grounding

In order to ground yourself, you have to relax and meditate. Imagine a ball of energy surrounding your body and getting the negative energies out.

When you see the light energy reach your feet, turn it into a ball. Imagine cords coming out of the ball and going from the earth to your whole body. Put all of your negative energy into the bubble and let them become clean.

Let pure energy come from your feet to your head and learn out your chakras. Unblock them and fill them with good energy. When you feel this energy go above your head, you are grounded. Let it surround you and ask your guides to protect this space. Always do this when you are about to meditate and after you are finished.


You need to know that guides come in different forms, and they are there to help you learn about life and to learn lessons. They will never put you in harm. Their job is to save you and protect you. Guides do not care what you call them but sometimes they will tell you their name.

When they show up, they will show you that they are there through speaking, through signs, dreams, meditation, and other ways. Over your lifetime, you will have more than one guide. You can call on them to give you a purpose in your life and you can expect that you will have multiple guides throughout your life.

Consider This

If you want to open up your third eye, you can do this by making sure you are grounded and protected. Make sure you have your life together and you are healthy and not using illegal drugs or alcohol. If you are, do not call on the guides because the Law of Attraction can bring bad things to you.

Ask help to get rid of negative energies if you cannot do it yourself. You have to manage your own life before you ask the spirits to show up to you. You will be able to determine good and bad only if your mind is clear of things that are holding you back. Once you have your life in order, reaching the spiritual world can be rewarding.

Not for All

It is not for everyone to open up to the spirit world and if you are interested in this, chances are it is for you. Do not be upset if you do not get immediate results but just give it time.

Remember Your Guides

When you work with your guides, know that they have probably been with you since you were little. You might notice things about them that are familiar, and you might realize that you have a protector in your life. You can meditate and get to know them.


Let your relationship with your guides grow. This is important and can make it easier for you to ask for their assistance. Let them help you with problems you have in your life. When you do not feel they are with you, know that they are and sometimes you need to know when you need to keep developing yourself.

The relationship that you have with your guide will keep growing as long as you are committed to knowing them. If you want to be a medium or psychic, keep looking at your life. Do not get upset when things are not fast or easy. Your guides will help you with this when it is time.