Have You had a Psychic Dream?

Psychic Dream

Everyone dreams. Even if we don’t remember them, we can have several dreams throughout the night.  It just stands to reason that out of so many dreams that a few may be intuitive or even psychic dreams. This is not uncommon.

Throughout history people have recorded visions that they have had; early man painted on the walls of caves, the Ancient Greeks and Romans had oracles, nowadays, people post records of their dreams online.

When you sleep, you dream during the REM cycle of your sleep. This is because this is when you are most deeply asleep.  The depth of your sleep allows your subconscious to take over, and this is when you dream.

Sometimes we experience visions or dreams or premonitions during other times.  We may dismiss them as meaningless, or we may not even remember them.  Some of these may be psychic dreams.  When we have a psychic dream, we see things that will happen in the future.

Common Psychic Dreams

The most common types of psychic dreams are as follows; precognitive, clairvoyant and telepathic. We can find these types of dreams confusing because we don’t envision ourselves beyond the plane of existence where we are currently.

Dreams that are clairvoyant

When our dreams show us as linked to an object or situation this is called a clairvoyant dream.  This kind of dream can show natural disasters such as earthquakes or even current events.

If you have ever dreamed about a tornado and later hear news of one near you, you may have had a clairvoyant dream. Some find these dreams so disturbing that they ignore or block the dreams.  This type of dreaming proves that we are connected to the earth and the energies that surround us.  Our subconscious locks on to this energy and presents us the dreams.

Precognitive dreams 

Precognitive dreams also predict bad news.  The dreams of death are fairly common. Some cultures believe that dreaming of someone’s death is a sign of an impending marriage. Either way, it’s a transition!  Those who predict the death of those they know, see dreaming as less of a blessing, but more of a curse.

Some people have dreams that portray an event in the future, that eventually comes true.   These are more common than you think.  If you have ever dreamed about someone you haven’t seen in a long time and then you run into them, you have had a precognitive dream. Some lucky few dream winning numbers for raffles or lottery or even just when is a good time to go to the neighborhood bingo game.

Those who interpret dreams note that it is important to know when a dreamer is “too close” to a subject to accurately predict an event. The individual dreamer’s personality and experience should be considered.

Dreams using telepathy

Sometimes we dream and connect with another person. Our consciousness links in to another person’s thoughts and actions. This kind of dream is known as telepathic.  We can dream that someone is sick and then subsequently discover that they are confined to bed or a hospital.  Telepathic dreams are quite common between mothers and their children. Twins also have telepathic dreams. Sometimes friends who have known each other a long time will be able to reach out to each other.

The telepathy is not always constructive. Sometimes a dream can indicate the dishonesty of another.  This is due to the cues that the other is giving that the dreamer stores and is released when the subconscious takes over.

Spying psychically

Some people can cross into the psychic field of those they know and play out the details of their lives in a dream.   It is as if they cross over to your home and go through your life room by room until they find all of the secrets.

This can be highly symbolic or can be just as plain as watching a movie. Generally speaking, it can happen by accident; your subconscious just picks up on feelings and thoughts from another. Some people have mastered the art of this kind of psychic spying.

Dreams are fascinating and it can be hard to differentiate psychic dreams from the random images that course through our brains every night.   Every dreamer is different and there is no concrete way to interpret them.   There is no formula to determine what is prophetic and what is not.  You may wish to consult someone who is in tune with their own intuitive mind to see if they can help you gain some perspective when interpreting dreams.