Knowing You Have a Psychic Gift

Knowing You Have a Psychic Gift

Some people wonder how to know if they have a psychic gift or if they should get a psychic reading. Others wonder how a psychic reading would change them and how a psychic has the gift that they have to tell them things. A psychic uses intuition, and it helps them because they have developed their giftings.

Everyone is born with a psychic gifting but not everyone uses it or knows that they have it. Those that do not know or do not use their gift have underdeveloped gifts and they are not able to use their gift to help themselves or others. Some people have feelings that seem weird or unusual and they do not realize that it is part of their giftings.

Psychic Giftings

Here are some things that might happen to you if you have a psychic gift:

Déjà vu

Some people that have a psychic gift will experience déjà vu. This means that they feel that they have been in a situation or that they have been to a certain place before. A psychic can help you to know why you are experiencing déjà vu and tap into your past life energy.

Sensing Things

A person with a gift will be able to sometimes sense the feelings and thoughts of others. They will be able to know what someone is feeling, and they will be able to tune into their energies.


Some people have the gift of psychometry, and this means that they can touch and object and know where it has been and what kinds of energies it has attached to it.

Strong Senses

A person that is gifted might be very compassionate and sensitive to those around them. They can also hear things or see things that others cannot.

Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming is a big sign of a psychic giftings and if you have dreams that are very real to you or dreams that you seem to be in control of, this can mean you are a psychic or have a strong gift.

Negative Energy

Some people are very good at picking up negative energies of others. If you feel affected by others when you are in the room with them or if you are able to know when someone is angry or upset, this can mean that you have a special gift, and you can pick up on negative energy.

Knowing Something Will Happen

Psychic people are often able to know when something bad is going to happen. They sometimes talk about being afraid of something or having a feeling in their gut that something is going to go wrong.


If you feel that you have any of the psychic gifts that were mentioned above, then you can explore your inner being and find out what kind of gifts that you have. Some people have many different giftings and you have to embrace your gift and use it to help yourself and others.