How Clairvoyants Get Information

How Clairvoyants Get Information

Though we can’t physically see them, there are waves of energy that pass through us literally all the time. Our bodies are constantly penetrated by light waves, and radio waves surround us and carry information that we’re not aware of.

Much like a radio or television receiver, a clairvoyant is able to tap into the energy all around them and see things that most other people can’t see. Clairvoyants open themselves up to receive and interpret messages and information from external energy sources.

Many people channel thoughts that appear to come from an external source. These thoughts seem to just appear out of the blue, whether we believe that they come from the spiritual realm, from relatives who have passed, or from other sources.

Clairvoyants and the Third Eye

People who are conscious of their psychic abilities consider them to be gifts. They strive to hone and to develop them. To do this, clairvoyants tap into their third eye chakra, located between people’s eyebrows. The third eye is a gateway that opens up to higher consciousness levels and allows us to observe things that are otherwise hidden.

According to Theosophical traditions, our pineal gland is what physically remains of our third eye, which has metaphysical and mystical properties. Philosopher René Descartes once described the pineal gland as the origin of our thoughts and the principal seat of our souls.

Many clairvoyants concentrate on the third eye to clear the mind and help open a pathway to allow external messages to enter in. Relaxing in a seated position and breathing slowly and deeply to release tensions and stresses can help enhance the opening of this pathway.

Some clairvoyants choose to sit on the floor away from distractions such as children, pets, and the television, and surround themselves with lit candles. Crystals are often incorporated into their routines to attract and amplify the psychic energies.

Clairvoyants and the Sixth Sense

The five “basic” senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch are intrinsically linked. For example, you can’t taste your food if you can’t smell it. Clairvoyants use those five senses in a similar way to enhance their sixth sense.

Relaxing instrumental music, soft lighting, and the aroma of scented candles all work together to help clairvoyants tap into the energies.

Negative Energy

Not all energies and forces that are able to enter us are positive. Clairvoyants must learn to block out the ones that could harm them and allow only their guides and other higher vibrational beings to communicate with them.

It is important for clairvoyants to cleanse themselves of negative emotions, which function at lower energetic vibrations. This helps them open up and receive higher vibrations, making it easier to receive information through their clairvoyance.

Allowing the mind to relax and clearing and opening the chakras are key to seeing with the mind. Relaxation techniques, like mentally counting backward from ten to one, will increase the body’s energy vibrations and clear negative emotions and lower energy vibrations.