Get Your Aura Ready for Spring

Get Your Aura Ready for Spring

If you are a human, then you have felt the energy of the universe around you. This happens because we all have an energy field. There is an energy field that surrounds everyone in their body, and this is the place where your stress, aggravation, and pain stays, for a while and while your aura is strong.

The energy field is called the aura and it picks up all of the negative energy that comes to you when you are around other people and when you deal with negative things in your life. Since your aura picks up all of the negativity, it can cause you to feel negative and to feel sick and upset. You must cleanse your aura so that you can be strong. Here are some ways to do that:

Imagine Your Aura

Imagine your aura as you sit in a meditative state. Imagine that you are doing whatever you can to get rid of the negativity. Deep breathe and imagine that you are getting rid of the negativity as you inhale and exhale.

Once you are completely relaxed, imagine a white light surrounding you from the top of your head to your feet. Do not get distracted but if you do, go back to imagining the light. Keep focusing on your breathing.

Get Rid of the Negativity

Get rid of the negativity in your life such as negative people or even energy vampires that want to better themselves with your energy. Know how these people affect you and find people that you want to be around that are positive. Let them show you goodness and get rid of some of the negativity and send positivity to your aura.

Cleaning Thoughts

If you want to have a really strong aura, you have to make sure that you are paying attention to your own thoughts as well. Do you think negative thoughts a lot? Look at what you are thinking and feeling and see if you are living the best that you can be.

Do you feel stressed or fearful? If so, you have to get rid of these thoughts. Find reasons to focus on things that are good. If you are having a bad day, you can say this, but you need to be more mindful of what you are doing and saying. When you are positive, you keep your aura in check, and you can get rid of negative thinking.

Make a Bubble

One of the best ways to keep your aura clean is to imagine a bubble surrounding you. Imagine it coming from the universe and going from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Now the bubble is surrounding you and will protect you and your aura.

Energy Healing

If you have blockages, you might need to have healing. You may need to have emotional cords that need to be cut. You can go to an energy healer that can help you and this is important if you feel that your moods are up and down.


Smudging is a way to cleanse your area and your aura from negative energy. Smudge your home so that you can feel better and be more positive. This is a Native American practice that has been used for many years.