Fun Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

Raise Your Vibrations

Are you someone that can have a positive outlook on everything that happens, even the negative things?  Do you spill your drink on your shirt and get angry or do you take it as an opportunity to go shopping for something new?

Your attitude can change the way that you feel and if you have a good attitude, it doesn’t go unnoticed. You can learn to be happy and feel that good things are happen, even when they don’t seem so good. Having a good attitude can help you to attract goodness in your life.

Having a High Vibrational Frequency

Having a high vibrational frequency means that you are increasing your energy. Since everything is made up of energy, you attract it. If you are sending out good energy, that is what you will get back, according to the law of the universe.

Having positive emotions can help you to have a positive outcome in your life and let the universe send you good things. You can learn how to raise your vibrations which can help you with these things:

  • Helps you to trust your own intuition.
  • Gives you a connecting with your spirit guides.
  • Gets rid of drama.
  • Brings you joy.
  • Decreases your worry.

How to Have a High Vibration

It is easy to raise your vibrations and it is something that can happen naturally. Here are some good examples:

  • When a song comes on that you like, you sing or dance along and this can raise your vibrations.
  • When you think about something fun like a past holiday and it brings you joy and peace, that is raising your vibrations.

If you want to raise your vibrations, you have to understand what brings you joy and what makes you feel happy. Here are some ways you can raise your own vibrations:

Listen to Music

Find music that you love and listen to it. Make sure that it brings you joy and energy.

Do Something for You

Take time to do something for yourself like take a salt, bubble bath or get a massage. While you are getting this self-care, you will see that it makes you feel good. As you feel good you will be more thankful, and this will raise your vibes.


Meditation is one of the best ways that you can raise your vibrations. You can do guided meditation and it can bring feelings of love and forgiveness in your life. Doing this can help you to reach your higher self.

Write a Thankful List

Take time to write down a few things that you are thankful for. You can see that you are blessed in more ways than you realize.

Cook Something Fun

Take time to cook for yourself. If you want something special, make it. Even if you are the only one eating, eating something healthy and fun can raise your vibrations.

Think Things Over

Think about something that you have done that makes you smile. Take time to reflect on this and allow yourself to have joy about a past memory.

Give to Someone

Giving to someone can raise your vibrations because giving of yourself makes you happy. This can be giving your time or giving a gift to someone.


One great way to raise your vibrations is to be creative. Try to journal what you are thinking so that you can raise your vibes.  Here are some things you can journal about:

  • Amazing things that have happened in your life.
  • What your gifts are.

Find Something You Are Good At

One way that you can raise your vibrations is to find something you are good at. You can practice different things and see what brings you the most excitement. Here are some great ideas:

  • Go out for a nature walk.
  • Go to the park and take your favorite drink.
  • Jog or walk.
  • Take up coloring.
  • Draw or paint something.
  • Scrapbook some memories.
  • Do some woodworking.
  • Take some pictures.

Once you find things that you love to do, you will see that this makes you feel better and can help you to be more thankful for what you have to do.